Category: Tuesday

  • Tuesday 28th November 2023

    Tuesday 28th November 2023

    Bonni’s first quiz was last Tuesday night at the Waverley Bar on St.Mary’s Street – all reports say it was a great success and she’s […]

  • Tuesday 21st November 2023

    Tuesday 21st November 2023

    NEW QUIZ – NEW QUIZMASTER Tonight at the Waverley Bar on St.Mary’s Street – our new quizmaster Bonni begins quizzing you. She’s from Inverness but […]

  • Tuesday 7th November 2023

    Tuesday 7th November 2023

    Normally Tuesday is my easy day with one quiz only, but I have an extra gig as I’m standing in for Isla at Porty Tap. […]

  • Tuesday 24th October 2023

    Tuesday 24th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* Sometimes I get mildly annoyed by song lyrics. I know it’s just pop music, I know it doesn’t matter and I know it’s […]

  • Tuesday 17th October 2023

    Tuesday 17th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* Maybe I should lay off the kids a wee bit at Brass Monkey Drummond Street. I have fun taking the mickey out them […]

  • Tuesday 10th October 2023

    Tuesday 10th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* I buy a daily paper maybe about half the time, three or times per week. I like the puzzles and I like flicking […]

  • Tuesday 3rd October 2023

    Tuesday 3rd October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* I love Spotify. It’s the only direct debit I actively enjoy paying out. I used the feature this morning where you pick one […]

  • Tuesday 19th September 2023

    Tuesday 19th September 2023

    I’m just like Barbie in that I sometimes wake up with thoughts of death. As anyone who knows me knows, I fall asleep, a lot. […]

  • Tuesday 29th August 2023

    Tuesday 29th August 2023

    I’m standing in for Isla at Porty Tap tonight as she takes a well-earned break. As you might know, I don’t take breaks cos I’m […]

  • Tuesday 22nd August 2023

    Tuesday 22nd August 2023

    There was a guy last night at Brass Monkey Leith and he was delirious with mixed feelings when he told me it was his last […]