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  • Dead Pool November 2019

    Dead Pool November 2019

    Here’s the list of those famous people you picked for the chop in November 2019. We’ll see what happens. Remember it’s one entry per person […]

  • Dead Pool July 2019

    Dead Pool July 2019

    I’ve just got round to typing up the entries for July 2019 Dead Pool and straight away I’ve noticed that we will definitely have a […]

  • Dead Pool Entries for April 2019

    Dead Pool Entries for April 2019

    Not so many entries this month as we experienced a few stationery issues. In other words, I ran out of Dead Pool sheets and forgot […]

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    Dead Pool March 2019

    Got round to tabulating and recording the March 2019 Dead Pool entries yesterday. Prince Philip dominates, a spell in the news always gives Dead Pool […]

  • December Dead Pool

    December Dead Pool

    Here’s the list of names chosen by you for December’s Dead Pool Bad luck to those who picked George Bush Sr, only for him to […]

  • Dead Pool November 2018

    Dead Pool November 2018

    Just got round to data-entering your entries for November 2018 Dead Pool. Here’s the list for the month: Axl Rose Barbara Windsor Barbara Windsor Betty […]

  • Dead Pool September 2018

    Here’s the full list of potential droppers that you picked for September 2018. If one of these dies then we’ll have a winner. It looks […]

  • Monday Night Edinburgh Pub Quiz Action

    Monday Night Edinburgh Pub Quiz Action

    Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight: 7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Diana Ross (pic round) 9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £60. Cheat news: The B-52s […]

  • May Dead Pool Line Up

    May Dead Pool Line Up

    I’ve just completed the data entry for May DEAD POOL. Your picks for the month look like this: Big stories this month: A heavy upswing […]

  • Dead Pool April 2018

    Dead Pool April 2018

    I missed handing out Dead Pool sheets on the Sunday night before the end of March so sorry if you missed out. The names chosen […]