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Don’t Go To Easter Road Tonight



There’s football at Easter Road tonight but we anticipate no problems whatsoever as I hear ticket sales are slack.

No surprise when you consider the offering is a poor Scotland team seeking to eke out a thin win in a godforsaken “friendly” match against a flimsy Canadian side who literally don’t know how to play the game, seeing as how all their energy is taken up with maple syrup and ice hockey and mooses.

Obviously, the usual die-hard no-matter-what nationalists* with red beards and kilts and all that will attend and they may be joined by some of the Canadian students who live in the city, out of curiosity.

But the time the match is over on this freezing March night, these students will be cursing their curiosity, wondering where their money went, and questioning why anyone would ever make a fuss about “soccer”.

They’ll never attend live football again. Why? Because friendlies are rubbish. So don’t go to Easter Road. Come to the quiz instead.

Good jackpots tonight by the way: £150 in both boozers. Win big and feel it.

The cheat clue for the Joker is Monie Love. It’s in the music round and the song in question is this:

*I voted Yes last time before you get all mental about that sentence. I might not this time though. Genuine don’t know.

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Thursday Night Pub Quizzes in Edinburgh, Your Favourite City.

ARGYLE BAR, 7PM – Jackpot: £60, Cheat: “Prince Harry

NEWSROOM, 9PM – Jackpot £100, Cheat: “Sir Mix-a-Lot” (see vid at bottom of post)

Tonight’s quizzes focus on the bilateral struggle of charity and capitalism and their varying efforts to make the world a better place.

No they don’t, it’s just about getting pissed and winning cash.

Young jackpot winner
Even young people can win the money despite their lack of knowledge about anything at all.

So the music round clue tonight  is for the Newsroom and it’s this amazing piece of old-skool bombast from Sir Mix-a_Lot, about whom I know little other than the fact that he likes big butts. You’ll recognise the hook.

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Hey. Did You Know That Leith Walk Is The Luckiest Street In Europe?

xxx— cheats tonight — ARONCHUPA and LUXEMBOURG xxx— cheats tonight —

Leith Walk? The luckiest street in Europe? It’s true. Some scientists measured the luck of people walking up and down Leith Walk and compared this with statistics from three hundred other streets in Edinburgh and a similar sample from eighty other cities around the world including Jakarta and Vienna.

Turns out that Leith Walk is luckier than anyone previously imagined. It’s the best. Just walking down it will make you luckier by eight per cent (average). Actually going to the boozer there will increase your spawn by seventeen per cent (average)*.


Brass Monkey Leith, 7pm

Jackpot: Tonight’s jackpot is £150

Cheat: One of the answers tonight is AronChupa, some modern-ish pop/dance from Sweden. You can see the video and hear the song at the bottom of this post.

Safari Lounge, 9pm

The amazing Safari Lounge is hidden away in Abbeyhill. I keep meeting people who go in there after walking past it for months and they always say “Aaah – it’s really great – I wish I’d popped in before.”

So, take it from them and while you’re at it, come to the quiz.

Jackpot: Tonight’s super jackpot is…

Cheat: The picture round contains the answer ‘Luxembourg

dpquiz winners
Quiz winners get a badge. Sometimes I forget to hand them out. Always ask.

This is your doctor speaking. Take my advice: be cool.


*remember that most of the shit I come up with on these blogs isnae even real.

x DP

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Sunday Gives and Never Takes

Sunday’s like your friend who brings you biscuits and coke when you are depressed. Sunday is nice.

The Persevere, 6pm

Easter Road is the location, the Percy is the venue and you can meet lots of local celebrities when you come to the quiz, such as The Plebs, Blue Fox Tuesday and The Chameleons.

Jackpot: The aforementioned Chameleons won the money last week, so we are back down to £30.

Cheat: The music round includes the B-52s performing ‘Rock Lobster’. First single I bought, as it happens. You can hear the song by clicking the video at the bottom of this post.

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm

Halfway down the Canongate lurks the Tolbooth. If you can find it, you’ll enjoy it. Sunday smells like success.

Jackpot: Unusually, we have a bit of a rollover: it’s £90 tonight

Cheat: The picture round tonight includes the answer The Legend of Zelda. It’s something to do with computer games.

dr paul quiz winners edinburgh
Dr Paul quiz winners

So how about that video. Yes, it’s coming up in a second. I just want to first say how much I love the B-52s.

“I love the B-52s.”

There you go.

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Thursday Night Quizzes And The Viability of The Jokes Round

We’ve had a run of jackpots on Thursday nights recently so I might be inclined to make the jackpot bastard-difficult tonight. We’ll see what happens, see what comes out of my randomiser…

The other thing, should we bring back the jokes round or is it always doomed to be shite?

vegetarian funeral joke

Meanwhile, here’s the shoop for tonight’s quizzes:

Argyle Bar (Cellar), 7pm

Jackpot: A scintillating, titillating £30. Hey.

Cheat: The quiz includes Man 2 Man & Man Parrish in the music round (see vid below), a massive 80s banger of Jurassic proportions.

Newsroom, 9pm

After the relative intellectual fervour of the Argyle, a fast cab whisks me off to the Newsroom where the transient and the drunk dominate the scene. As I’ve said before, if you ever want to actually win a quiz, just come to the Newsroom.

Jackpot: A quasi-terrific £50

Cheat: The quiz includes the answer Argentina, as part of the picture round.

Quiz winner
loads of money!

Here’s the video:

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The Midweek Squeak

Squeak like a mouse. Do it for daddy.

Tonight’s quizzes:

The Joker & The Thief, 7pm

Jackpot: A healthy, happy £120. Can you win it? Yes you can.

Cheat: Tonight’s quiz includes the answer Sicily, which crops up in the picture round. Now you know.

The Brass Monkey (Drummond Street), 9pm

Jackpot: In amongst the heaving youth, there will be £120 ready for the plucking. Turn up with half a brain and you’re halfway there. Like Jon Bon Jovi.

Cheat: The music round includes this clanking of slice of shite by Howard Jones, from what is known as my “youth”:

Not cool? Well, it’s all we had in 1984. That and the Eurythmics. I could never work out whether the Eurythmics were cool or arse. Bit of both, I suppose.

Here is a picture of someone winning at the quiz, hopefully this will inspire you to be like them!

quiz winners
Winners at the DP Quiz

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Well, You Made It.

Weclome to the new week. Last week started off with Jamie Oliver and his forks. This week starts off with hallelujah birdsong and internal pleasure that’s hard to price.

Then, as if the Earth were not already good to you, there’s the quiz!

Brass Monkey Leith, 7pm

Come enter the world of Monday Night Quizzing where even people from the countryside can sometimes win!

Jackpot: £50 cash

Cheat: The picture round includes Paul Cezanne

Safari Lounge, 9pm

Abbeyhill for Thrills

Jackpot: £30

Cheat: The music round tonight will include The Vaccines. This song:

I’ve just a had a look at the video. The guy doesn’t look like a pop singer at all. He looks like a guy who comes round to fix your computer but can’t work out what the problem is. He looks like the sort of bloke who doesn’t know what do do at a rave. He looks like his jokes are all preceded by the statement: “Listen. I’ve got this really good joke.”

That’s all a bit judgemental. Now I feel bad for the guy.

However, I’ve now just Wiki’d him. Turns he’s called Justin and the great-grandson of a famous painter and the son of a film-maker.

Wiki says:

“…he grew up in a “musical household” and began playing music by borrowing his father’s guitars.[3] It has been said that he loved Elvis during his childhood.

In June 2010 Justin graduated from King’s College London with a degree in History.[4]


During his early teens, he started an alt-country band called The Eldora Parade, and at 16 he played in a hardcore punk band Fashion Police Brutality.

So, perhaps unreasonably, I now hate him again.

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Education Gets Shelved

The future is no education. There will be robots to think and do everything. Why train a human?

While you consider this bleak outlook, treasure the brain you still have, take it to the pub and make it think answers for you at the quiz while you simultaneously murder it with booze. You can get away with it by calling it ‘symbiotic’.


The Persevere, 6pm

Jackpot tonight: A whop-bop £60

Cheat: The picture round includes the answer Greece

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm

Jackpot tonight: Cash sum of £60

Cheat: The music round at the Tolbooth tonight includes the answer Hot Butter. It’s all about this apocalyptic banger:

Meanwhile: consider this. Since they dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945 the power has existed to kill us all in one go.

The psychological impact of knowing this and living with this knowledge makes us who we are today.

There can be no comparing people from pre-1945 to us because this knowledge makes us all fundamentally different to people from before that time. There was no way that destroying everyone in one shot could be comprehended back then. We’ve lived with it every day of our lives. No wonder we’re all mad.

quiz people doing quiz things
quiz people doing quiz things

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Thursday Night Out. Feel Your Way To Glory

The jackpots tonight are smaller than they were last week. That’s because here at the quiz, we make winners and last week we had winners.

People look so good when they win. Add your name to the roster, tonight.

The Argyle, 7pm

Situated in Marchmont, poised underground like a terror-crab.

Jackpot: Tonight you can win £30 in cash. It won’t save the whale. But it might get you pished.

Cheat: I can tell you this: The picture round contains the answer ‘Bride Wars

The Newsroom, 9pm

Uptown sophistication (in the minds eye of those who drink there).

Jackpot: Tonight you can win £50 in cash money dollar-pounds

Cheat: The music round contains the heady 90s sound of En Vogue which you can pre-hear by clicking on the video below. I bet you know the tune.

And by the way, speaking of tunes – what tune is this supposed to be? The musical note doodles indicate a tune is being applied – but I don’t know what tune it is. If you can help with the answer, tweet me...


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Trash Talk Sound Like They Kind Of Mean It.

Here is the informational run-down for tonight’s Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh City

The Joker And The Thief, 7pm

Jackpot: Stands at a rambunctious £90. That’s nice.

Cheat: One of the answers tonight is Spain (its in the picture round)

The Brass Monkey (Drummond Street), 9pm

Jackpot: Is also an awe-inspiring £90. If you had that all to yourself what would you do?

Cheat: One of the answers in the music round tonight is Trash Talk. The song is called Uncivil Disobedience and it only has five thousand views on youtube:

I don’t know if Trash Talk mean every bar of it or whether they are kids who are ttrying too hard. Either way, it’s a groovy way-out sound and I’m sure they’ll go places in the hit parade.


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