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Your pub: great place but where are all your favourite regulars on a Tuesday night?

Or a Sunday?

Or any of your nights which needs a boost?

Hire yourself a DP Quiz Quizmaster – and watch them rolling in the front door, bang on time, every week.

After running quizzes as a solo enterprise in Edinburgh for many years, Dr Paul now offers a team of Quizmasters who can do a job for you.

They are the best because they learn from the best!


Any deal is between you and the quizmaster and will depend on the individuals involved but you’ll roughly pay somewhere between £80-£120 for a regular weekly quiz night.

For this money you’ll build up a great night, full of regulars. Once they get the habit, many will attend every week.

Some others will turn up once a month, others just now and again. But as the jackpot builds, interest builds and several of my customers report that quiz night can be busier than Friday or Saturday.

Usual Duration:

Quiz lasts somewhere around 1.5 – 2 hours. Quiz customers will typically arrive a wee bit early and stay on so you’re bringing in most of the crowd for an average 3 hours.


Quizzes are a proven money spinner for pubs, but only if they’re done well.

A poorly-run or amateur quiz night can suffer from poorly advertising, a boring format and bad questions which no one wants to answers.

I’m Dr Paul, the DP out of DP Quiz and I’ve been doing this professionally since the mid-1990s.

Now I’m passing on my know-how to a new generation of quizmasters for a new generation of drinkers and diners.

You can trust that our quizmasters know what they are doing.

The pulling power of a professionally-run quiz night shows itself when you have the same faces coming through the door every week and you never have to advertise.

The Quiz Itself

Without going in to too much detail – the DP Quiz format is fun, engaging, accesible and keeps everyone in the room right up to the last minute.

DP Quiz Quizmasters use the best format and they know what their doing.

Within 4-6 weeks of starting a new quiz night, you should be able to see whether the night is going to work or not.

Meet one of our quizmasters today! Get in touch and we’ll send someone along to meet you.


Phone: 0773 168 1450

Email me: paul@dpquiz.co.uk

FB/Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/dr.paul.quiz/

Dr Paul