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Thu Nov 8 – Quizzes Tonight

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £30. Cheat answer: “Bombay Bicycle Club” (music round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £150. Cheat answer: Ferrari (pic round).

So, Halloween’s just out the way but just when you think there’s a bit of clear water and a bit of blue sky, there’s Hugo in the Monkey

Hugo only appears in Edinburgh when there’s big events work to be done, we saw him a few months ago when it was the festival.

“All right Hugo – to what do we owe the pleasure? Why are you in town?”


Aaaaaaaagggggh. Bastards. Can someone organise a movement to cancel Christmas? I’ll sign the petition.

Anyway, here’s the music round cheat for tonight which is for the Argyle Bar:

Bombay Bicycle Club? Not my cup of tea. A bit Lib-Dem, a bit of a bed-wetter tendency.


Incidentally – Thursday is now the day when I express my political opinion on this blog.


Are you Leave or Remain?

Poppy or No Poppy?

Cybernat or Onionist?

Liberal or Racist?

These simplistic 50/50s seem to be everywhere these days and while people expend their political energy working out what camp their in and then shouting at the other camp, any ideas to actually fix things get forgotten and dusty.

As the population rips itself to bits with thrashing right/wrong arguments in the simplest possible terms (which go nowhere), the elites continue to stockpile money, power, and the means to survive when the flood comes.

The rest of us will drown and will still be arguing the meaning of Brexit as Britain itself disappears beneath narwhals.

Maybe we should accept whatever poppy someone is wearing or not wearing and get back to destroying the privilege of the wealthy.


Dr Paul

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Thursday Could Be Your Night, Today

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £60. Cheat answer: Generation X (music round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £150. Cheat answer: Faroes (pic round)

The Newsroom provides the biggest jackpot of the Dr Paul week tonight: £150 up for grabs.

Also: summer seems to have hit the Newsroom hard and its been fairly quiet the last couple of weeks so you might find yourself with a better chance to win tonight than in most of the quiz venues.

Here’s the music round cheat for the Argyle Bar:

The video is great: it has urban industrial squalor, rooftop zombie dance attack and electrical fightback. The song is good too.

The answer I have tonight is “Generation X” although the real story is more complicated than that. The band was originally “Generation X”  but when this came out, they’d changed their name to “Gen X” BUT the single was a flop. THEN they split up and the singer, Billy Idol went solo. The video is from a later solo release, which was a hit but under his own name.

Gee, writing pop questions can be a minefield.

Remember kids, don’t write your own questions at home without the help of a professional.

More interestingly, the song is supposedly on the topic of masturbation, which itself is the posh word for having a wank, rubbing one out, feeding the ducks, flicking the bean, etc

That’s what they say anyway, same as they say it about ‘Blister In The Sun‘ by the Violent Femmes.

There’s also a song by 1970s prog-rock favourites Caravan titled ‘If I Could Do It All Over Again, Id Do It All Over You‘ which has to be suspect.

Anyway, if you’re still reading this you may enjoy my TWITTER for even more Dr Paul related infotainment.

Also, I will have Cunto Cards 2018 with me tonight, so stop me and buy a pack if you have someone’s birthday coming up. They make an ideal gift.

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Wednesday Quiz Wonder

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £30. Cheat: City of God (pic round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £150 Cheat: KT Tunstall (music round)

Here’s the music round cheat for the Monkey:

It’s KT Tunstall fae Scotland doing a song about being on the other side of the world.

Would the UK win Eurovision if they entered ‘proper’ artists like Tunstall?

Maybe not. Who knows. We tried Engelbert Humperdinck but he was so old-skool and old-hat that he could only come second-last.

I know most of you don’t care, but I’m still excited by this year’s Eurovision, even though it’s over for another year.

I am jealous of the Quiz Vanjie team who were in Lisbon for the week. Brilliant.

The one I like never wins, this year I liked France but they finished 13th. Shame. Quality song.

Anyway, I’m rambling and its nearly time for pop master, so let me finish with my favourite missing cat poster from last year…

A cat named Alan
“I ran away because you named me Alan”


Hope to see you at the quiz tonight

Dr P


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My Voice Has Repaired So Come To The Quiz, It Won’t Sound So Awful This Week

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£150. Cheat: Paula Radcliffe (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £60. Cheat news: The Stranglers (music round)

Jeezo. Last week’s Monday gigs were bad enough. Wednesday and Thursday were worse. I sounded like a cartoon villain in sandpaper factory.

I sounded like a frog with Tuberculosis.

I sounded like the interference between channels (millennials wont get this)

Anyway, however you describe it precisely, I generally sounded like shit.

Now, because I usually sound so damn beautiful, this was a personal tragedy. Me losing my voice is like if you lost your feet, hands and knees. In other words: not cool.

So I’m not one hundred per cent back to the golden tone, but definitely I sound a lot more like me. It is a relief.

Anyway, blah blah, here is the music for the cheat on the music round at the Safari tonight:

Song includes the lyric “who gets the job… of pushing the knob?” which by itself is enough to count the song as a WIN.

The Stranglers will not be playing live at the quiz tonight. But come along anyway. £150 is no to be breezed at.

The Speckies after a recent quiz success

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Tasty Sexy Wednesday Night Out At The Quiz

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £150. Cheat: The Ting Tings (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £30 Cheat: Lancaster (pic round)

Shaka Zulu! We’re up to £150 at the Joker and one of the star attractions at the Joker is seeing boss-man Roddy’s face at the moment we find out if its a rollover (boyish delight) or a jackpot (raging scowl).

Don’t miss his involuntary reaction tonight!

Meanwhile come and see what’s gong on at the Monkey. The new manager has thinner legs than the old one but, apart from that, things seem to progressing normally. There are still plenty of beers and plenty of students strung out on couches through the back like some kind of weird 1969 Amsterdam scene.

Here’s the music round cheat for tonight (which applies to the Joker). It’s the Ting Tings:


I like the song and I like the video. Both are catchy and simple, it’s the kind of thing we should be sending to Eurovision (LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO)



Dr P


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Thursdays Are Pure Barry

Quizzes in Edinburgh tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £30. Cheat: One of the answers in the picture round is Antarctica.

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £150. Cheat answer: One of the music round hits is this old banger by Adamski:

Seal and Adamski look about fifteen years old in the video. The tune stands up -still bangin’ nearly 30 years later.

The thing about Seal is that he is not a seal, he is a man. I always feel ripped off when I hear him talked about but then I didn’t get to see a real sea;.

For anyone who feels the seals like I do, here’s a picture:

Ooh yeah.

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Eight Right Answers. That’s All It Takes.

All eight correct = WIN

This was the winning entry from the Brass Monkey Leith last Monday. Matthew won the £150 for these right answers .

Ally also had 8/8 so it went to the tiebreak. Matthew’s answer was closer.

The Question was: What percentage of 30-34 in the UK live at the parents house.

Matthew guesses 32%

Ally guessed 40%

So Matthew was closer to the true answer which was only 8%

Result: CASH!

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Thursday Night Quizzes in Edinburgh

Pub quiz entertainment for you tonight:

7pm – The Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £150. Cheat: Joy Division are in the picture round. Miserable looking bunch.

9pm – Newsroom. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: There is a band called Kongos in the music round. They’re South African apparently. Here’s the song that’s in the music round:

Why were Joy Division named this way? Especially when they are so miserable that their music sounds like the kind of thing they hsould play in the waiting rooms of funeral directors.

As ever, Wiki has the (rather droll) answer:

 the band renamed themselves Joy Division in early 1978, borrowing their new name from the sex slavery wing of a Nazi concentration camp mentioned in the 1955 novel House of Dolls.

So now you know.


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Monday Bonanza

There’s a hundred and fifty pounds at the Leith monkey tonight, courtesy of a last-question mistake last week by a team who had already won the booze but scorned an open goal for the money.

Now it can be yours.

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: Plan B is in the music round (see vid below to hear the song)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £30. Cheat: The SAS is an answer in the picture round.

There’s a comment on youtube for this video which says “This is the song you always hear in clothes shops“. The comment has over 300 likes.

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Thursday Pub Quizzes Edinburgh

Hey. Come out and get a grab of the big time. Tonight.

7pm – Argyle Bar. Jackpot £150. Cheat: A character named Midnighter is in the picture round.

9pm – Newsroom. Jackpot: £100. Cheat: The music round includes sixties super Spaniards, Los Bravos. Check out to the video below to hear the (familiar) song.

Los Bravos were operating in Spain, in the 60s, under Franco and the song proves that Fascism does not necessarily result in bad pop music.


The year after Los Bravos had a missive international hit with this song (including no.2 in the UK charts) the keyboard player committed suicide after his wife died in a car accident.

Heavy vibes, man.

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