Tuesday 20th February, 2024

There are a lot of famous dead people these days. The latest one is Alexei Navalny.

God I loved that guy. Loved his TV show in the 90s. Loved his anarchic persona. Loved his massive papier mache head. Oh no, hang on, I’m getting him mixed up with Frank Sidebottom.

That’s the trouble with all these celebrities. I get them all mixed up and the keep dying. Remember Frank Bough getting the hurricane wrong? Remember Diana Dors shaking the hands of an AIDS sufferer? Remember Paul Coia falling through the bar?

All of this is WRONG.

Thankfully I have pub quiz to help me keep facts in order. That’s one of our functions here at DP Quiz. The other is sparking romances and cementing friendships, although we leave the detail of that bit to you. We stick to the facts, ma’am.

And the jackpots. And the fantastic pop music in between the questions. That’s the remit.

Come and witness our style in three locations this evening:

6.30 pm – Porty Tap (with Isla)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – PICTURE round: “GREENOCK MORTON

Book: 0131 629 6266 or Facebook

8 pm – Waverley Bar (with Bonni)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – MUSIC round: “DAVID BOWIE

Book: 0131 557 9855 or Facebook

9 pm – Safari Lounge (with me)

Jackpot – £60

Free answer: PICTURE round: “OBAN

Book:  0131 661 4741 or Facebook

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for the Waverley:

Here’s a song by DAVID BOWIE that’s in tonight’s music round at The Waverley. This was early Bowie and dismissed by some as a novelty but I don’t think he bettered this track in forty further years of continual musical innovation. No real video, cos it’s old, but fortunately for humanity, someone has made a claymation. Best genius part of the song: rhyming “telly” with “tummy”.

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