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  • Sunday 14th April, 2024

    Sunday 14th April, 2024

    I often meet tourists at the quiz who have stumbled into a venue, with no idea that there was due to be a pub quiz […]

  • Sunday 17th March, 2024

    Sunday 17th March, 2024

    Check the jackpots! There’s nearly £600 in jackpots today with the big fat one up at Paradise Palms tonight – a splendid quarter of a […]

  • Sunday 3rd March 2024

    Sunday 3rd March 2024

    Main news today – Paradise Palms is back. They’ve sorted their electrical problems and the pub is back open. I don’t know exactly what the […]

  • Sunday 25th February, 2024

    Sunday 25th February, 2024

    Main news today – Paradise Palms remains shut for now, so there are only three quizzes on today. Sorry to anyone who made the journey […]

  • Sunday 18th February, 2024

    Sunday 18th February, 2024

    Whopper at the Toddy. Two hundred pounds at one o clock. Has anyone been watching Gladiators? See on “The Edge”, when a Gladiator falls off, […]

  • Sunday 11th February, 2024

    Sunday 11th February, 2024

    Sunday is now a big quiz day with Porty Vault and Paradise Palms being added tp our roster for the holiest day of the week. […]

  • Sunday 4th February, 2024

    Sunday 4th February, 2024

    Sundays are FOUR QUIZ territory now. Big news. Paradise Palms started last week with a good turnout. Quite hip that place. Good job Bonni and […]

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    Sunday 28th January 2024

    For the second Sunday in a row, I can announce a new regular quiz. Paradise Palms starts tonight at 8pm and Bonni will be hosting […]

  • Sunday 21st January 2024

    Sunday 21st January 2024

    Sunday’s turning into a bigger quiz day. We have a quiz starting tonight and one starting next week. Both quizzes have their hosting duties shared […]

  • Sunday 14th January 2024

    Sunday 14th January 2024

    Biggest jackpot today is at the Hot Toddy at 1pm, our afternoon quiz experience. Worth noting: Mark (who is the trivia mainstay of top team […]