Category: Wednesday

  • Wednesday 22nd November 2023

    Wednesday 22nd November 2023

    Every generation has its Trumpton and its Tiswas. I met someone the other day who actually appeared ON Tiswas. You know, back in the day. […]

  • Wednesday 15th November 2023

    Wednesday 15th November 2023

    The rain falls down but this town is not humdrum and it’s not dragging me down. Thanks for nothing, Morrissey. I’ve been furiously working the […]

  • Wednesday 8th November 2023

    Wednesday 8th November 2023

    Goddam Lothian Buses have got the fella out of Jigsaw (horror movies – not the 80s kids show) running their social media I asked them […]

  • Wednesday 25th October 2023

    Wednesday 25th October 2023

    MEGAQUIZ NEWS Theses are the teams which qualified on Monday for the upcoming Megaquiz (this Sunday) at Brass Monkey Shore. CAMOUFLAGE CONDOMS RONETTES QUIZTAL METHODISTS […]

  • Wednesday 11th October 2023

    Wednesday 11th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* Put everything down, phone the Ship and book a tabl. Mr Eric has £240 you tonight and that’s all that needs to be […]

  • Wednesday 4th October 2023

    Wednesday 4th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* The Wednesday quiz at the Ship Inn has been building up with better team numbers over the last few weeks but Eric is […]

  • Wednesday 27th September 2023

    Wednesday 27th September 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* Here we go – it’s Wednesday – the so called peak of the week. If that’s the case for you then I’m a […]

  • Wednesday 20th September 2023

    Wednesday 20th September 2023

    Things that come in FOURS: Here’s tonight’s line-up: The Joker & The Thief – 6 pm (with me) Jackpot tonight – £30Cheat answer: Tonight’s Joker quiz PICTURE round includes […]

  • Wednesday 13th September 2023

    Wednesday 13th September 2023

    It’s a late email today. I was out this morning running around with posters (for Hot Toddy and West Port Oracle) and then I had […]

  • Wednesday 6th September 2023

    Wednesday 6th September 2023

    I was out soundchecking at the Hot Toddy this morning, so the email’s a wee bit late. I don’t expect any hoo-hah at the Hot […]