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  • Will Miss Jenny’s Fag Breaks

    Jenny Ha’s: Lowest crowds of any quiz night I have done ever. Jenny Ha’s: Largest turnout for fag breaks at my quiz nights ever. I […]

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    Recent Winners

    There have been a lot of recent winners and not much updating from me. Naughty naughty. Slap. Here’s a little catch-up Jenny Ha’s, 25th October: […]

  • Bright People Win Quiz

    Bright people don’t always fare best at Jenny Ha’s but last Monday was an exception: Big up to the Trumpets!

  • Jamie Defects, Dusty Suffers

    Jamie works behind the bar at Jenny Ha’s and is noted for her styles de la fashion. Also, she’s pretty handy with the music round […]

  • Chancers Win At Jenny’s

    After a few weeks in the doldrums, The Chancers were back to full strength and staged a brilliant comeback at Jenny Ha’s on Monday to […]

  • The House Wins!

    After the big £160 jackpot, Jenny’s was a little quieter on Monday. It oculd also have been the pishin rain. No matter, as boss Nicki […]

  • £160 Winners at Jenny Ha’s

    Katy finally slew the TRUE or FALSE dragon last night with 5 out of 5 and a super duper £160 win before she moves to […]

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    Jenny Ha’s Fag Break World Record Smashed

    Monday 30th August 2010, an amazing FIFTEEN people took part in the Jenny Ha’s Fag Break. Here are those record breakers in full and I’m […]

  • Another Rollover at Jenny’s

    The GANG were 2-in-a-row champs at Jenny’s and once again chose to send Craig into battle to represent for the £120 final. Craig found himself […]

  • The Gang (Uber Hate) Much Love

    THE GANG are the crew from the festival show Uber Hate Gang, which is getting 5-star reviews at the Underbelly. After flopping at last week’s […]