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  • Thursday 30th November 2023

    Thursday 30th November 2023

    Here’s a brief list of stuff that’s getting my goat and winding me up this week: “Gen Z”, “Gen X”, “Millennial”, “Boomer”, etc. I see […]

  • Wednesday 29th November, 2023

    Wednesday 29th November, 2023

    Oh it’s cold Yes I know it’s cold Take care on ice Think twice Before running on frozen pavements Or thin ponds Gotta say, winter […]

  • Monday 27th November 2023

    Monday 27th November 2023

    There is another new DP Quiz starting next Monday at Musselburgh. More details in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I’ve got to […]

  • Sunday 26th November 2023

    Sunday 26th November 2023

    Main news today – Hot Toddy quiz is OFF today. The Hot Toddy suffered a power failure on Wednesday and initially thought the leccy would […]

  • Thursday 23rd November 2023

    Thursday 23rd November 2023

    Not much to say here today. I’m running late. All I’ve got to say today that if you find a piece of chicken-wire then take […]

  • Monday 20th November 2023

    Monday 20th November 2023

    For once the football dovetailed nicely. I was just finishing the quiz last night as Scotland were getting ready to thump three goals past Norway. […]

  • Tuesday 14th November 2023

    Tuesday 14th November 2023

    OK – I ain’t mucking about here. I’m behind schedule – snowed under with work and I haven’t got the email done yet and it’s […]

  • Thursday 2nd November

    Thursday 2nd November

    Man, I have to keep on going. The process includes, but is not limited to: And so on. People have told me I have an […]

  • Wednesday 1st November, 2023

    Wednesday 1st November, 2023

    So, it’s Wednesday and it’s lashing down with rain and it reminds me of various conversations outside the Joker & The Thief in recent times […]

  • Tuesday 31st October 2023

    Tuesday 31st October 2023

    Halloween is for kids and I hate it. That’s a bit strong. Maybe it’s closer the truth to say I’m not fussed by it. However! […]