Hot Toddy – Sunday 1pm

15 Jeffrey Street – Sunday 1pm

Hot Toddy opened in August 2023 and is a nice cafe with a bar. Kitchen will be up and running October 2023 but in the meantime they do pies and soups and pastries and all kinds of nice things.

The Hot Toddy has been opened by a pair of fellas who have been running walking tours of Edinburgh and they fancied getting themselves a base of operations in the central zone. The result is Hot Toddy. They do folk nights, Whiskey tastings and all that kind of jazz and it’s bloody nice place.

So try something completely different – a pub quiz on the Sunday afternoon. Soak up the Old Town vibes and win some money. All the cut and thrust of the usual Dr Paul quiz but with none of the drunks… possibly!

Pub Quiz Time & Day

Sunday, 1 pm


Cash and Booze! Bar voucher for the main quiz and then and £50 cash for the rollover round each week.


Hot Toddy does food as mentioned above.



Phone the Hot Toddy: 0131 285 8418

Facebook Page: Hot Toddy

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