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Quiz Reports from the Reverie

Last Ever Reverie Quiz, plus other Monday News

The Reverie has been sold to G1. It will close for a while and re-open as something else. It is the end.

Tonight is the very last night of the pub and it’s the quiz. Come and join us. The jackpot is £60 and, obviously, must-be-won. If we’re lucky there might be a load of stuff to give away from the basement and maybe I can persuade Ed to put the pot up to £100 for the last night only…

Meanwhile: cheat news for tonight:

7pm Brass Monkey Leith Jackpot = £40. Cheat = music round includes Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish (see video below)

9pm Reverie Jackpot = £60. Cheat = one of the answers tonight is The Lost World


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Monday Quizzes In The City

“Proper” Edinburghers are already sick and tired of festival wanks destroying their city with annoying accents and super-charged egos so toxic they can damage buildings.

Others are enjoying the “cultural” opportunities but if you’re more like the former, the ideal festival escape is a proper pub with a proper quiz in it. Plus you can WIN cash, which none of these so-called “fringe shows” can do.

Tell you what as well: the other thing you can win tonight is one of those freaky-deeky pin face things like Midge Ure used to have:


Jackpots and Cheats for tonight:

7pm Brass Monkey Leith £80. Cheat: “Geronimo” is one of the answers tonight

9pm The Reverie £40. Cheat: K.I.G. are in the music round (this song)

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Monday Monday. Like a Sexy Ghost Snake.

Monday slithers right inside your throat like a doppel-snake, before you even wake up. And now we’re here. That’s how it works.

Tonight I offer £60 at the Brass Monkey Leith at 7pm. Cheat news: the music round contains QUEEN.

I can also give you a sneaky late night £20 but other pleasures included at The Reverie 9pm. Cheat news: SUDAN is an unexpected answer in the list round.

Speaking of sexy snakes, the Queen song in the Monkey music round is the proper album version but every time I hear the song it reminds me that youtube has the Freddy vocal, all by itself and that is something that’s worth four and a bit minutes of your time:


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What’s The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Usually I do the jokes round in round 4, but the standard had been poor recently, so I brought back the brag-off the other week at the Reverie.

How does this work? Teams are asked to write down the BEST THING THEY HAVE EVER DONE. The winner is decided by crowd response.

Here’s the full list of entries that I got. Who do think was the winner?

  1. 3 out of 5 people on our team can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes.
  2. I met Keith from The Office
  3. Eaten snails with Tara Palmer Tompkinson
  4. Met Commander Cakotay from Star Trek Voyager
  5. Craig Levein served me his balls. (I played tennis with him…)
  6. Flown 727/767 from Heathrow to Edinburgh following interview at British Airways (though plane was in autopilot)
  7. I was an extra in the Oscar-winning film ‘The Magdalane Sisters’ when I was 12
  8. I once did 30 Cart-Wheels in a row
  9. I was working as nightshift security at Easter Road Stadium, home of Hibs FC. I am the biggest fan at city rivals Hearts FC… so I had a shit in the pressbox.
  10. I hiked the Appalachian Trail: 2184 miles!! It goes through 14 states in the US. I only showered once, just kidding about that part.
  11. Saved a baby from a burning bus (a number 8)*.

*We’ve heard this one before, Dan

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The Time That Dan Saved A Baby From A Burning Bus

As an alternative to the jokes round the other night at the Reverie, I tried a bragging round.

Instruction: write down the best thing you have ever done. Best brag wins a packet of mint Viscount biscuits.

Here’s what was claimed:

  1. I’ve seen Elton John live in Las Vegas (at Caesar’s Palace)
  2. I was born with  this moustache.
  3. I caught crabs off Chelsea Clinton
  4. I saved a baby from a burning bus (a number eight) outside the Reverie and put the fire oot! This is backed up by a video  that a pure radge boy filmed on his tidy phone!
  5. I have my grandfather’s mummified ears in a box at home.
  6. My dad used to own this place.
  7. Dan hada bath with Whitney Houston.
  8. My brother in law won X FActor (Steve Brookstein)
  9. I rode a unicorn

Dan who works at the Reverie was responisble for number 4 above and that  proved to be the winner on the grounds that is heroic and is definitely true.

DAn, hiding behind the evil of the Beast

I  thought the crabs-from-Chelsea-Clinton might stand a chance but the more they were questioned, the more the team responsible appeared to have no back up.

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Recent Reverie Winners & Losers

Are you here? Remember, I do also upload photos to the Dr Paul Facebook page, you you might appear on there.

First: The Porn Dwarfs winning back in Feb, and not just because Alana was displaying. They also got some questions right:

These chaps (below) won on the 31st of January and I can’t remember their name. You know I should keep these posts up to date. I know it too…

Achtung Englander! Hande Hoch! The Reverie was subject  to a bit of Euro Modernism the other week where a pair of young Germans won the money against the True or False questions using the national stereotype to defeat the True or Falsewith cool rationality.


May 19th belonged to a big gang of noisy birds called the Reem Team. They were really fucking noisy but at least it’s nice to know I can make young women scream at my age.

More to follow, in the kind of a haphazard manner that would make a qualified senior librarian puke blood and shit a dictionary.

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