Tuesday 26th March, 2024

Large American Jaeden (usually seen at Brass Grange or Brass Drummond St or Newsroom) is back in town after being hounded out of the country a few months ago.

He’s not the first foreign national I’ve seen this happen to over the years.

Why exactly do we spend all this money running higher education institutions and creating educated people, who could settle and boost our economy, only to chase them away? I don’t know the answer. Maybe there is a good answer. I don’t know.

Jaeden had to leave for visa reasons in January but he’s back just now for a couple of weeks and is appearing in the Princes St Gardens passion play this coming Saturday at 2pm (free entry).

He’s playing Caiaphas, and if you’ve ever seen the film version of Jesus Christ Superstar and if you’ve ever met Jaeden then you’ll know it’s a good fit.

I might well go along. I’ve got nothing else scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

And for anyone else who has a show or whatever coming up, let me know and I’ll tell the people who read this email.

Anyway – Tuesday quizzing as normal tonight:

6.30 pm – Porty Tap (with Isla)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – PICTURE round: “THE RUNNING MAN

Book: 0131 629 6266 or Facebook

8 pm – Waverley Bar (with Bonni)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – PICTURE round: “SOUTH DAKOTA

Book: 0131 557 9855 or Facebook

9 pm – Safari Lounge (with me)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer: MUSIC round: “PUBLIC ENEMY

Book:  0131 661 4741 or Facebook

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Safari Lounge:

This is PUBLIC ENEMY and their late-80s hip-hop banger ‘Fight the Power’. it’s in tonight’s music round at Safari Lounge. I absolutely love this song and the accompanying video is also brilliant. Maximum clocks on Flavor Flav. S1Ws tight, Terminator X relaxed and funky, Chuck D angry as hell, and the streets alive with people power. Fantastic to see.




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