This site is about my live gigs but I provide other services intended for quizmaster, mainly on dpquiz.co.uk

Free Quiz Questions

DP Quiz is my site for quizmasters, including more than 6000 free quiz questions for you to use.

The site contains both regular text questions plus picture questions for quizmasters to use, completly free of charge.

Everything that goes on the site is written or vetted by me personally, so there’s no junk – just loads of great questions to save you time when you’re compiling your quiz.

Here’s what some of the site’s visitors have had to say:

“I must admit, I’ve got a lot of ideas from your questions and my quiz nights are going better than ever in 2009”

- Anthony Hill, Bergen, Norway

“I am impressed with the standard of questions”

 - David Dempster, Leeds

“… way better than the usual dreary stuff that you find on the net and in in the quiz books :-)keep up the good work”

 - Tim, North Yorkshire

“Thank you so much for allowing access to your truly unique questions. I organise fun evenings and quizzes over here in sunny Spain to raise funds for the local dog refuge in La Nucia. As the evenings are always a riot and never serious, your questions fit the bill beautifully.”

 - Maralyn, La Nucia, Spain

“Thanks, Dr. Paul.  Just found your site.  Very useful as a quizmaster myself forthe past 8 years this is very handy.”

 - Jim Dockree, Cheltenham

“The content is ace!!!! your picture quizzes in each category are Brill!!! esp Geography must have taken you ages and the picture quality is first class.”

- Alan, quizmasters.biz

“That is an amazing resource on the drpaul website! Top marks.”

 - James Oakley, Glasgow

“Excellent site, I really like it, good for you.”

 - Kevin, White Cat Entertainment, Northern Ireland

Visit dpquiz now and get your mitts on all these free questions.

How To Make Money As A Pub Quizmaster

I wrote this book in 2009, the first full guide to becoming a professional quizmaster. Turn your passion into pounds. Available as instantly downloadable e-book from dpquiz.co.uk.

book_200You can learn how to get started and end up, like I do now, making a good living doing something you love.


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