Category: Thursday

  • Thursday 16th November 2023

    Thursday 16th November 2023

    We get very few proper rockets at the quiz. Midweek pub people, as a rule, are good people. But there was a feller in the […]

  • Thursday 9th November 2023

    Thursday 9th November 2023

    Thursday is here and we’re all just glad to be alive. Some people grow big vegetables to be happy. Look at the guy above. That’s […]

  • Thursday 26th October 2023

    Thursday 26th October 2023

    Tonight is the last chance to qualify for Sunday’s Megaquiz of Champions. Top 3 at the Strathie or Top 4 at Grange will sort you […]

  • Thursday 12th October 2023

    Thursday 12th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* There were some real nerds at the quiz last night. And it’s OK for me to describe them as such, they were keen […]

  • Thursday 5th October 2023

    Thursday 5th October 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* There were two teams last night at the Monkey Shore which made reference to the high speed trains thing. “HS 2 B or […]

  • Thursday 28th September 2023

    Thursday 28th September 2023

    Hi *|FNAME|* See all the stuff in your house? Wizardry it is. Like actual magic. Now you might be an engineer who actually understand this […]

  • Thursday 21st September 2023

    Thursday 21st September 2023

    Last night at Joker we were talking about a one-off celebration quiz which is going to happen at The Joker on the first Wednesday in […]

  • Thursday 7th September 2023

    Thursday 7th September 2023

    I’m only reading French stuff at the moment, on account of getting in the mood for the second draft of my novel which is set […]

  • Thursday 31st August 2023

    Thursday 31st August 2023

    I had a good jackpot round question last night and like I do sometimes when I get a good one, I used it at both […]

  • Thursday 17th August 2023

    Thursday 17th August 2023

    I went to a Fringe thing yesterday which was a guy doing a PhD at Cambridge and talking about Artificial Intelligence. Not comedy, just talking […]