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Eight Stunningly Bad Quiz Answers

I get some amusement from the bad answers which get handed in at the quiz.

Here’s a roundup of some recent gems:

1. Mysterious New Lands

bad answer almania

Almania and Alberia sound like great places to visit. If only they existed…

2. Brian Giggs

bad answer - brian giggsThis was a question about Sports Personality of The Year winners. There is a real Brian Giggs but he does cabarets and cruise ships, rather than wing-wizardry and shagging his brother’s wife.

3. Shakespeare Limited

This question asked teams to name five Shakespeare tragedies, a question to which they responded magnificently at first, before running dry roundabout answer 4:

bad answer name shakespeare tragedies

4. German Surnames

Again this team started this question well, which asked for any 5 of the top 10 surnames in Germany. I never got the chance to ask them but I would love to know where they got their last answer from…

bad answer german names flex

5. Faint Insultbad answer gary bell end glitter

If you’re going to diss the orginal Prince of Paedo Pop, I’m sure you’d want to find something stornger than ‘bell-end’

6. Clue(less)do

Another fine start to a list round, marred by shit memory of elusive character names that definitely include a colour…

bad answer cluedo characters

… but probably not the words shite, twat and cunt.

7. Fact versus Fiction

Question three in this same-letter round asked for the fictional character whose diary was the top selling book in Britain in the 1980s.

bad answer best selling diary of 1980s fictional

For the record: Adrian Mole was made-up but Anne Frank was REAL.

8. Easy Mistake

With Australia competing in Eurovision these days, it’s easy to get Tasmania mixed up with Bulgaria.bad answer bulgaria

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Hunger Games (Zimbabwe)

Cracking bad answer at Brass Monkey Leith last Monday.

It was the same-letter round so players knew they were looking for answers beginning with the letter H.

Question 3 was “What is the capital of Zimbabwe?” which prompted this classic right/wrong answer:

bad answer capital of zimbabwe is not hunger

You do know the right answer don’t you? That’s right. It’s Harare.

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Bad Answer: Spain/India Art/Politics Mixup

This was in the picture round with the hefty clue-in-the-quesiton, viz: Can you name this Spanish Artist drawing on the beach?

Picasso not Ghandi
That’s not Gandhi

Answer: “Gandhi”.

I can see how they got mixed up. So easy to get the father of Cubism confused with the figurehead of Indian liberation. Easy mistake-ah to make-ah.

In case you’re wondering, it’s your old pal: Pablo Picasso.

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Team’s Jackpot Chances Destroyed By Missionary Position

My resourceful regular teams are constantly thinking of new ways to lose.

Take Vegetable Zoo who are frequent visitors to the Reverie.

Veg Zoo are fairly American and therefore don’t win the quiz that often as they struggle on the unavoidably British-weighted nature of the quiz.

So, when they have four correct answers in the jackpot round, that’s good going. It’s just a shame that they got mashed on the easiest question of the five:

Q. True or False: the crown of the King of Borneo is a top hat that was stolen from a missionary in the 19th century.

Asking this question depends on images like this popping into people’s heads:

'Would you mind moving your feet about, I don't want the vegetables to catch?'

Of course, the answer is FALSE.

Why is this a bad answer? Well, apart from anything, I don’t think missionaries were particularly well known for their top hats. Also, Borneo isn’t a country on it’s own – it’s a large island split between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. And the top hat thing… well.

The closest thing to the King of Borneo would be the Sultan of Brunei (formerly world’s richest man) and he doesn’t really have a crown. The usual hat you see him wearing looks like this:


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Bad Answer – Julius Caesar

The question, granted, was difficult:

Give any year in which Julius Caesar was alive

But I expected and (mainly) got answers hovering around the BC/AD nominal era cut-off point.

But one team did write:

1610 (AD)

Which would mean that William Shakespeare was writing about a contemporary rather than a distant historical figure from ANCIENT Rome.


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