Tuesday 10th March 2020

Tonight’s Quiz:

Quiz action TONIGHT:

8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £30. Cheat clue: Rolling Stones (music round)

Last week = big winner. Tonight: a new pot. Ride the dragon. Catch the monkey at Basils!

Basils is at Annfield in the parish of Newhaven and is your favourite pub. If it isn’t your favourite pub, it soon will be. Try it!

Cheat News

If you get the email or read this page then you’ll always get a free answer for the quiz.

Tonight’s music round includes this cracker from the Rolling Stones:

Daddy: You’re a fool to cry.

Quality tune.

Come and grab a cocktail and some nice bar snacks and win the quiz. This is Newhaven, this is YOU.


Winners at Basils pub quiz
Winners at Basils


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