Tuesday 17th March 2020

Tonight’s Quiz:

Quiz action TONIGHT:

8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £60. Cheat clue: Mud (music round)

OK – strange times. But as of just now, tonight’s quiz is still ON.

Basils is of Newhaven and is your favourite pub. If it isn’t your favourite pub, it soon will be. Try it!

Cheat News

If you get the email or read this page then you always get a free answer for the quiz.

Tonight’s music round includes this old seventies thing from Mud:

Christmas loneliness

Sounds like the singer out of Mud is up for a bit of Social Distancing.

By the way, last night’s team names included: “COVIDEO KILLED THE RADIO SARS” and “SOCIAL QUIZTANCING”

If you can do better than that tonight – it might be your last chance for a while… we have no idea what’s going to happen other than most of the pubs we work with are attempting to stay open as long as legally possible.

After that, the Dr Paul Quiz will appear on a live streaming online version. Stay tuned to find out how why where and when.

But in the meantime – Basils is there for you tonight.

Winners at Basils pub quiz
Winners at Basils


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