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Monday Is The Best Quiz Day Of The Week

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Julia Michaels (music round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £120. Cheat news: Canola (pic round)

Great jackpots tonight. What’s not to love. Get to the quiz!

Cheat piece for the music round at the Brass Leith tonight, a female singer named Julia Michaels:

It’s a modern one, so it sounds kinda the same as lots of other modern hits, except with a lisp which appears to be her USP.

The “crying voice” used in these songs does my nut in. So many modern singers rely on tone of voice to convey the fact that they are sad.

I thought she looked British from the first minute or so but according to Wiki, she’s American. It doesn’t really matter but it’s funny how we need to know that sort of thing.

More interesting: she writes for others, including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. That might explain why she sounds a lot like them.

Monday is great and brilliant and I should have some Cunto cards with me tonight just in case you’re looking for the best gift of 2018.


Dr P

Winners advice from Captain Haddock
Winners advice from Captain Haddock



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Wednesday Pub Quiz Scene In Funky Bonnie Edinburgh

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £60. Cheat: David Zowie (pic round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £120 Cheat: George Michael (pic round)

It’s Eurovision week, so I can hardly think about the quizzes properly due to the proper Eurovision excitement.

Did you see the first semi-final last night? Fucking magic.

Anyway, Here’s the music round cheat info for the quiz at the Joker tonight: it’s a dance music song with a fairly standard dance music video. But the video DOES include a lauderette so ye cannae beat that.

I wonder if there’s a playlist anywhere on youtube that just has pop music videos which include a lauderette as a location?


It’s 2018 and things are reaching that point where if you can think of it then it already exists, thanks to old father internet.


When was the last time you disco danced in a launderette? For me, the answer would be “the early 90s”.

Hope to see you at the quiz tonight

Dr P


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Voucher Report

First in an occasional series of reports detailing what the winning team did with their booze voucher.

LOCATION: The Argyle Bar

DATE: Last Thursday

TEAM; Omni



2 x Tennents

3 x Bunnahabhain

1 x Black Sambuca

1 x Tequila


Nice work. I know nowt about whisky but apparently Bunnahabhain is a good one. The Sambuca and the Tequila add urban street edge while it’s all backed up with a pair of basic pints, the kind of pints that built Scotland into the international superpower that she is today.

Well played, Team Omni


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Hey. Did You Know That Leith Walk Is The Luckiest Street In Europe?

xxx— cheats tonight — ARONCHUPA and LUXEMBOURG xxx— cheats tonight —

Leith Walk? The luckiest street in Europe? It’s true. Some scientists measured the luck of people walking up and down Leith Walk and compared this with statistics from three hundred other streets in Edinburgh and a similar sample from eighty other cities around the world including Jakarta and Vienna.

Turns out that Leith Walk is luckier than anyone previously imagined. It’s the best. Just walking down it will make you luckier by eight per cent (average). Actually going to the boozer there will increase your spawn by seventeen per cent (average)*.


Brass Monkey Leith, 7pm

Jackpot: Tonight’s jackpot is £150

Cheat: One of the answers tonight is AronChupa, some modern-ish pop/dance from Sweden. You can see the video and hear the song at the bottom of this post.

Safari Lounge, 9pm

The amazing Safari Lounge is hidden away in Abbeyhill. I keep meeting people who go in there after walking past it for months and they always say “Aaah – it’s really great – I wish I’d popped in before.”

So, take it from them and while you’re at it, come to the quiz.

Jackpot: Tonight’s super jackpot is…

Cheat: The picture round contains the answer ‘Luxembourg

dpquiz winners
Quiz winners get a badge. Sometimes I forget to hand them out. Always ask.

This is your doctor speaking. Take my advice: be cool.


*remember that most of the shit I come up with on these blogs isnae even real.

x DP

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Captain Mick, Defier of Gravity

ps_cpt mick wins jim beam

This is your pal and mine Mick. Captain Mick that is – note the armband. And that’s him living it large at the Percy last Sunday with a bottle of Jim, as per winners’ privilege.

Mick defied the years and gravity at the start of the quiz when he performed a HAND-STAND to win the enthusiasm bonus. I ain’t never seen a hand-stand before at the quiz. It’s a first.

Mick rules.

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Messages From Desperate Drunk Girls

Recently we had some girls at the Newsroom who were already pretty pished but obviously were in the mood for MORE BOOZE.

And in such a world full of starvation, corruption, fear and  war, who can blame them?

Anyway,  it was obvious after one round that they weren’t going to win the quiz so cleverly they resorted to complimenting my hair.


I guess the thought process was that I would be grateful for their compliments and give them extra points and that they will be more likely to win the booze.

This didn’t work so then they offered to share the wine if I fixed it for them to win, also remembering to keep bigging up the DP hair.

When this didn’t work, it got pathetic:

and patheticker

And this is the kind of shit I have to deal with every week. You think being a pub quiz quizmaster is nothing but extreme glamour? Think again. Only the tough survive. True blood.

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