O'Connor's at Canonmills

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £30. Cheat clue: Kylie Minogue (music round)


Canonmills, baby. It’s where all the cool people live. Come and join the kind of jet set which occurs when the bottom of the New Town meets the top of Inverleith.

It’s like Beverley hills 90210 but with more reasonable tap prices.

Cheat News

One of the answers in tonight’s picture round is Kylie Minogue. This is the song:

Kylie, defying age etc

Kylie might not look fifty, but remember kids: its all CGI.

See if you met her during the day, without her slap, and taking a an hour or two out of her hectic touring schedule to scull a few well-earned tins of Red Stripe in the wee park at Nicholson Square.. you wouldn’t look twice at her.

In fact, even if she hit her threshold, lets say nine tins, and started screaming obscenities at the pigeons, you would never notice it was the chart-topper.

You’d think it was just another crazy old booze lady.

So anyway: thank god it’s not you who’s on the street yelling brutal drunken nonsense at inanimate objects and birds.

Come to the quiz tonight. 9pm at O’Connor’s

you owe it to yourself.


Dr Paul

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