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Wed 2nd January 2019 – Only One Quiz Tonight

Quizzes tonight:

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £150 Cheat: Badly Drawn Boy (music round)

The Joker is still closed for festivity or lack thereof so just the one quiz tonight and then as from tomorrow (Jan 3rd – the most wonderful time of the year) – everything is BACK TO NORMAL and I can return to an excellent mood. Plus, New Year is a reminder that it’s only 5 months to Eurovision, the true Christmas.

Anyway, there is a cracking £150 jackpot tonight at the Brass Monkey so come along and win.

Here’s tonight’s music round cheat clue:

I’ve never seen this but just watched it now. The video includes a young couple (with braces) who get locked together in a kiss and have to be driven to A&E by Badly Drawn Boy.

The video includes a caption at the end claiming the story is based on a true story from Mexico in 1994 where real teenagers really did get locked together in a kiss in their car and “caused a 10-mile tailback”

However, one or two minutes of Googling has found no evidence of this. Did it ever happen? I don’t know.

Anyway – Happy New Year – I hope you nineteen is legendary. See you tonight.


Dr P

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£150 Tony Stark Brass Monkey
TRue fact

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