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Dicks Out

Team Harambe sealed a sensational comeback win at the Newsroom the other night with 20 points in the double-or-bust round. Here they are with their old pal from beyond the monkey grave, Harambe:

Team Harambe win the quizThis week the team were called YER DA SELLS AVON TO HARAMBE and last week they were called DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE.

I’d heard of Harambe, the murdered gorilla but I had to look up the internet to find out about DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE.

Also: there is a song:

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Harambe – Moment of Execution

I had a drawing contest at the Brass Monkey Leith last night where quizzers had to draw the moment of Harambe’s death (the gorilla at Cincinatti Zoo who was unlucky enough to have a 4-year old human stray into his territory the other day).

That 4-year-old was, apparently, keen to see the gorillas at closer quarters. Well he certainly got that. But he also now faces a life scarred by the day he was responsible for the violent death of a mighty ape at the age of four.

Our art contest entries reflect the trauma:

  1. Lady Gorilla Is Saddrawing gorilla death5
  2. Proper Drawingdrawing gorilla death6
  3. The Way The Kid Will Remember Itdrawing gorilla death7
  4. Brutal, raw, uncontrolled (with small penis).drawing gorilla death8
  5. Primitive Styledrawing gorilla death1
  6. A Loss of Personality. Conceptual.drawing gorilla death2
  7. Somehow Includes Super Mario and David Camerondrawing gorilla death3

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