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Wednesday 27th Nov 2019


7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £30. Cheat: Faith No More (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £60. Cheat: Jenny Saville (pic round)


If you read the website or get the email, you’ll always be one answer ahead.

This is because I publish a free answer for each quiz on the morning of the quiz. (see tonight’s clues above)

Here’s the video to go with the music round clue which is from Faith No More, who used to be famous rockers from the USA:

Watch out for the Coda

The song is called “Epic” and comes from 1989 when mixing up rap and rock was still pretty novel.

I quite like the very end of the video where he gets out of the way of the piano just in time.

Anyway – coming to the quiz is for winners and the opposite of coming to the quiz (not coming to the quiz) is for losers.

Make your choice.

Even winning thirty quid is pretty decent.

Oh yes


Dr P

See you later,

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Fashion statement

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Bar Animal Cruelty Now, Etc.

Classic man-in-a-pub fact last week.

There’s a guy in the pub who says he “used to work in television”.

I don’t doubt him, sounds kosher enough but then I happened to play the TV theme tune for Skippy.

This guy tells me an non-astonishing fact: “You know – they used to have seven differnt Kangaroos playing Skippy. There wasn’t just the one.”

No shit. I knew that.

But then he reveals: “…and you know how they used to get him to go ‘ttth-tth-ttth-ttth-ttth*’?”


“They used to punch him in the FACE”.

take that, cunt

Fucking fantastic. If it’s true, then the world is a worse place and a better place simultaneously. Thankyou, real life.

If it’s false, it’s just a man-in-a-pub fact.

*Frank un-typeable kangaroo cute noise”

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Chuck Norris Fallible

_norrisAMAZING FACT: Heather is American and she comes to the quiz and it turns out that HER DAD once BEAT CHUCK NORRIS in a proper fight.
This was back in the 60s or 70s in California and Heather’s dad was on the martial arts scene and fought against Norris in a competitive bout and beat him.
Heather said she thought the story was bullshit until she met Chuck Norris once day and the screen star was able to confirm the story.
Imagine having a dad that could beat Chuck Norris in a fight!

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