Bar Animal Cruelty Now, Etc.

Classic man-in-a-pub fact last week.

There’s a guy in the pub who says he “used to work in television”.

I don’t doubt him, sounds kosher enough but then I happened to play the TV theme tune for Skippy.

This guy tells me an non-astonishing fact: “You know – they used to have seven differnt Kangaroos playing Skippy. There wasn’t just the one.”

No shit. I knew that.

But then he reveals: “…and you know how they used to get him to go ‘ttth-tth-ttth-ttth-ttth*’?”


“They used to punch him in the FACE”.

take that, cunt

Fucking fantastic. If it’s true, then the world is a worse place and a better place simultaneously. Thankyou, real life.

If it’s false, it’s just a man-in-a-pub fact.

*Frank un-typeable kangaroo cute noise”

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