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Fact Clearup: Snakes and Bridges

A couple of points of order raised by quizzers over the last week or so:

Anaconda versus Pygmy Hippo

Who is the heaviest? Everyone went for anaconda but the Wiki pages are clear. Heaviest verified anaconda weighed 97.5kg while the Pygmy Hippopotamus can reach 275 kg. It’s not even close.

Another fake snake story

Nigel in the Brass Monkey Leith found a Sun article about a supposed 60-stone anaconda which would be over 300 kg but there are plenty of these mega-snake stories about and the sources are rife with phrases like “estimated” and “thought to be”.

Not the same as facts!

Humber Bridge versus Golden Gate

Last week at the Joker & The Thief, I asked for the longest bridge with the Humber Bridge and the Golden Gate as options.

I said the Humber Bridge was longer, based on a reference I’d read that said the Humber was the longest in the world when it was built in 1981.

As the Golden Gate was completed in the 1930s, I assumed it was shorter.

Grace pointed out afterwards that she’d had a quick look-up (after all the questions) and this showed the Golden Gate as longer.

Indeed, a wiki check shows:

  • Humber: 2220 metres
  • Golden Gate: 2737 metres

However, this is the total length of the bridge and if you look at the longest span (distance between the towers) you have:

  • Humber: 1410 metres
  • Golden Gate: 1280 metres

Luckily the outcome of that particular question had no effect on the overall quiz outcome but it’s an undesirable ambiguity and ultimately, a shite question.


But don’t worry, the person who wrote the question has been sacked and the database amended.

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Forty Quid at The Monkey Tonight Plus a Question about The Mongolian Olympic Team

You can win £40 cash tongiht at the Brass Monkey on Drummond Street. The cheat news is that tonight’s music round includes the legend of Chas & Dave.

Meanwhile, someone was asking if Mongolia had a team at the London 2012 Olympics or not. I guess they were thinking that maybe Mongolia is a poor country with nae athletes so maybe didn’t expect there to be a team.

I didn’t know the naswer on the spot so of course I looked it up and found that the answer is that they did and in fact they won five medals: 2 Judo, 2 boxing and 1 in Wrestling. All the medal winners were men apart from the wrestler who was a lady called Soronzonbold Battsetseg. Get your tongue round that.

Here she is:
In other not-necessarily-expected-at-theOlympics news, despite being a Mediterranean nation, Greece have put a team into the Winter Olympics an amazing eighteen times, although they have NEVER won a single medal, ever.

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