The Time That Dan Saved A Baby From A Burning Bus

As an alternative to the jokes round the other night at the Reverie, I tried a bragging round.

Instruction: write down the best thing you have ever done. Best brag wins a packet of mint Viscount biscuits.

Here’s what was claimed:

  1. I’ve seen Elton John live in Las Vegas (at Caesar’s Palace)
  2. I was born with  this moustache.
  3. I caught crabs off Chelsea Clinton
  4. I saved a baby from a burning bus (a number eight) outside the Reverie and put the fire oot! This is backed up by a video  that a pure radge boy filmed on his tidy phone!
  5. I have my grandfather’s mummified ears in a box at home.
  6. My dad used to own this place.
  7. Dan hada bath with Whitney Houston.
  8. My brother in law won X FActor (Steve Brookstein)
  9. I rode a unicorn

Dan who works at the Reverie was responisble for number 4 above and that  proved to be the winner on the grounds that is heroic and is definitely true.

DAn, hiding behind the evil of the Beast

I  thought the crabs-from-Chelsea-Clinton might stand a chance but the more they were questioned, the more the team responsible appeared to have no back up.

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