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Monday Glory, Possibly Tragedy

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Argentina (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £30. Cheat news: Chase & Status (music round)

Monday is brilliant. Great people in great pubs doing great things to each other before, during and after the quiz.

The quiz is just part of it. The whole experience is what counts. Just the same as going to church is more than just the communion. More than just the hymns…

Speaking of music, here’s the cheat info relating to the Safari tonight: a music clip from Chase and Status. It’s not a hymn…

There’s some fairly heavy make up in that video. It’s like Arbroath in 1987.

Hey. Did you know there is a page on Wikipedia for Kings and Queens who are/were LGBT?


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Wednesday Is The End Of the World

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £90. Cheat: Pulp (music round)

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £30 Cheat: Mister Messy (pic round)

The Rnd of The World looms like a ghost wolf. Will you survive? Will The Queen survive? In a lifeboat, last gasp, gunnel-threatening situation: who would you cast off first: The Queen or Prince Harry?

Imagine their royal glubs as the sea enveloped their future, brought death to their faces and finally, as it became clear that their time was all but gone, made them the same status level as other humans.

Meanwhile, away from the burning hatred of royalty-as-a-concept, Pulp provide one of the moments in the Joker music round tonight. Good song.

Pulp are always a favourite but I’ve been listening to the Fall this week.

It was on the way home from Wednesday quizzes last week that I found out old bawjaws had carked it.

Turned out me and my pal David were at the last ever Fall gig at the QM in Glasgow.

Here’s Mark E Smith’s final stage entrance, and it’s a better view than we got…

All the quizzes for the rest of the year are dedicated to the memory of Mark E Smith.

My favourite Fall record isn’t even by the Fall, it’s by Mike Reid:

Mike Reid Sings The Fall
Mike Reid Sings The Fall

For cheats and hints to win Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh, get the weekly email.