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Monday 3rd February 2020

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: Oban (pic round)

7pm – Portobello Tap. Jackpot: £90. Cheat: Barbados(pic round)

9pm – Argyle Bar Jackpot £60. Cheat news: Tenpole Tudor (music round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £60. Cheat news: Robbie Williams (music round)

It was all rollovers at last Monday’s quiz and that means that we are in big business tonight.

Come join us and plunge your head into the cool pool of prize: fill your face with the healing waters of booze and cash.

And here are the cheats to help you WIN:


First is a Tenpole Tudor, led by Eddie Tenpole who, according to the chat, is a direct descendant of Henry the 8th.

But instead marrying several women and cutting their heads off, Eddie Tenpole instead made pop music and later became host of the Crystal Maze on TV.

Here’s the only Tenpole Tudor song that really still gets played on the radio and it’s in the Argyle Bar music round tonight:

A proper rabble-rouser

Meanwhile, the Safari Lounge music round includes the following song by Robbie Williams who, quite frankly, spends the video acting like a prick.

I’m sure Mister Williams is a lovely bloke but he’s surely too old to be dressing up like a fanny?

A rabbit. Honestly.

What a load of rubbish. Anyway – now you know who does the song and that’s all that matters in the music round.

It’s Monday. I love you – see you tonight

Dr Paul

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Winning is so good. Everyone benefits. Everyone love it. Good for health too. Come try.

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