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  • Monday 30th October 2023

    Monday 30th October 2023

    Congratulations to The Chameleons from the Joker & The Thief on winning Megaquiz of Champions #6 last night at the Shore. Hot quiz action. There […]

  • Sunday 29th October 2023

    Sunday 29th October 2023

    You feeling that extra hour’s rest? I am. I had a full eight hours on my bed. Nice. Anyway, I’m awake now and making final […]

  • Thursday 26th October 2023

    Thursday 26th October 2023

    Tonight is the last chance to qualify for Sunday’s Megaquiz of Champions. Top 3 at the Strathie or Top 4 at Grange will sort you […]

  • Wednesday 25th October 2023

    Wednesday 25th October 2023

    MEGAQUIZ NEWS Theses are the teams which qualified on Monday for the upcoming Megaquiz (this Sunday) at Brass Monkey Shore. CAMOUFLAGE CONDOMS RONETTES QUIZTAL METHODISTS […]

  • Monday 27th June 2022

    Monday 27th June 2022

    Congratulations to the winners of Megaquiz of Champions #3Marti’s Quiztal Methodists! I’ll post the full scores later but in the end, it was a five […]

  • Wednesday 22nd June 2022

    Wednesday 22nd June 2022

    The Third DP Quiz Megaquiz is coming this Sunday (26th June) at the Monkey Shore. Three qualification chance remain: tonight at the Joker, tonight at […]