Sunday 29th October 2023

You feeling that extra hour’s rest? I am. I had a full eight hours on my bed. Nice.

Anyway, I’m awake now and making final preparations for today’s THREE quizzes. I’ll be knackered at the end. There’s always coffee.

Great thing about the clocks changing is the automatic nature of it. My phone and computer know what to do. They do it all by themselves. In terms of the rest of the house, there’s a wee alarm-clock thing which sits on a shelf outside the bathroom. That’s got hands, so it’s really easy to change.

The only other thing is the time on the cooker which is actually far easier to change than electronic things usually are.

Is it just me? Or does anyone else hate when they boil down lots of functionality to a couple of buttons or one button and then you have to press these buttons IN A CERTAIN WAY to get what you want.

”Press and hold for 5 seconds” says the instruction manual. “Once in settings mode, each press of the button advances to a separate menu. PRess and hold again to access that menu”

I hope that when they die, the people who designed these systems have to go through a similarly-Byzantine series of press-and-hold to leave Purgatory and access Heaven. But with no instruction manual. That’ll learn ‘em.

Quizzes today:    

1pm – Hot Toddy (with me)

Jackpot – £50

Free answer – PICTURE round: “FIRST WORLD WAR”

Book: Just turn up or Phone the Hot Toddy on  07585 897 685  or get in touch with them on Facebook

6pm – Persevere (with me)

Jackpot – £120

Free answer – MUSIC round: “KIM WILDE”  

Book: Phone the Percy on 0131 554 0271 or get in touch with them on Facebook

8pm – MEGAQUIZ OF CHAMPIONS #6 (with me at Brass Monkey Shore)

Remember – you can’t just turn up to this – you must be pre-qualified (see list below)

Jackpot – £LOADS

No free answer. No 2 point bonus

For those who have qualified, your table will be booked from 7.30pm. If you want to come earlier, no problem – but let the pub know. Their number: 0131 555 7306.
Remember – teams max 5. I will be strict about this tonight.


  • Amigos
  • Bitches of Don Don
  • Camouflage Condoms
  • Chameleons
  • Cpt. Jean Luc-Quizzard
  • Fuctifano
  • Happy Gang
  • Lady Gaga’s French Pepsi
  • Lightbulbs
  • Operatic Chipmunks
  • Paul McCartney Mall Cop
  • Quiztal Methodists
  • Quiztorians
  • Ronettes
  • Sparky’s Dream
  • Still Grynding
  • Terrible Trio
  • The Magpies
  • WTF

I’m looking forward to finding out who the new MEGAQUIZ of CHAMPIONS CHAMPION will be. This is it!

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Persevere:

Top class KIM WILDE from the late eighties. One hundred per cent brilliant. Go on the Kim. It’s in the music round at the Persevere tonight.





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