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Thursday 7th Feb 2019 – Quizzes Tonight In Edinburgh

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £210. Cheat answer: Stakka Bo (music round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £50. Cheat answer: Simple Minds (pic round).

Certified big money at the Argyle tonight. £210 on offer. Get a faceful from 7pm

Now, here’s the cheat clip for tonight’s music round at the the Argyle : which is a floppy Euro-rap effort from the early 1990s by Swedish weirdo Stakka Bo.

Pish but kind of engaging. And why does everyone look orange?

Anyway, Thursday now MOVIE Thursday where I use this blog to detail my ten favourite films of all time.

The chart so far:

10 .Flash Gordon (1980)

9. Jesus Christ Superstar (1979)

8. The Good The Bad & The Ugly (1966)

7. Zardoz (1974)

This week:

6. Das Boot (1981)

Literally the greatest film ever made. Did I say that last week? I’m sure I did but this is better.

Lots has been written about how good Das Boot is. I read this page yesterday. It’s fairly well-written and gives you a good idea of the film without giving too much away.

The need-to-know stuff is that the film is a story of German submariners during the Second World War, on patrol.

Their job is to sink British merchant shipping while avoiding being sunk themselves by the deadly destroyers of the Royal Navy.

War is hell. Can you survive hell?

My favourite things about Das Boot are:

  1. The tension.
    Related image
  2. The madness
    Related image
  3. The engineering.
    Image result for das boot tension
  4. The music.
  5. The bits where people die.
    Related image
  6. The bits where people don’t die.

    Image result for das boot terror

I watched this with my dad when I was a kid and it blew my mind. I had been brought up on Victor comic and British war films where Jerry was always the bad guy.

This was the first time I had seen anything from the German point of view.

This was a big deal in itself but didn’t take too long to get used to. After succesfully putting aside partisanship you can start enjoying the film. I know the film but watched it again last month. It is still emotional and nail-biting.

Will they survive or will they die? You don’t know – you really don’t know – right up to the end…

So that’s Das Boot. It’s a massive classic and it’s on Netflix if you want to watch it.

I still have five films to pick. Maybe next week I’ll pick something modern. But probably not.

In any case, come to the quizzes tonight. You could win £280.


See you tonight


Dr Paul

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Creepy Germany, 1977

I’ve been playing this Schlager hit at the quiz for years but it was only last night that I was informed that it’s a big dirty creep-fest

Thanks to the geezer in team ‘Pub Fiction’ (I don’t know his name) at the Argyle Bar who pointed this out.

This song was a hit in 1977 and it’s the lyrical content that is, at best, questionable.

The story of the song is that a young woman is driving on her own. For more than half an hour, some ratty old sleazy German bloke with a big moustache  guy drives slowly behind her, ignoring obvious opportunities to overtake.

In his car he is ogling her, getting excited about her hair and wondering where the woman is going.

In her car she worries that she is going to be kidnapped or whether it might be undercover police that are stalking her.

It’s full-on #metoo or #ichauch

It’s not cool.

Eventually she has enough of feeling “queasy” and pulls off the road, intending to hide her car behind a hedge. Luckliy he doesn’t follow: he stays on the Autobahn and keeps going.

So the situation is defused, but she’s out of her mind that’s half an hour of high anxiety she’ll never get back.

Fuck that guy.

Here are the lyrics alongside Google Translate’s English rendering:

Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Im Wagen vor mir fährt ein junges Mädchen
Sie fährt allein’ und sie scheint hübsch zu sein
Ich weiß nicht ihren Namen und ich kenne nicht ihr Ziel
Ich merke nur sie fährt mit viel Gefühl
Im Wagen vor mir fährt ein junges Mädchen
Ich möcht’ gern wissen, was sie gerade denkt
Hört sie den selben Sender oder ist ihr Radio aus
Fährt sie zum Rendevouz oder nach Haus’?
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Was will der blöde Kerl da hinter mir nur? (Ist sie nicht süß)
Ich frag’ mich, warum überholt der nicht? (So weiches Haar)
Der hängt nun schon ‘ne halbe Stunde ständig hinter mir
Nun dämmert’s schon und er fährt ohne Licht (So schön mit neunzig)
Der könnt schon hundert Kilometer weg sein (Was bin ich froh)
Mensch, fahr’ an meiner Ente doch vorbei! (Ich fühl’ mich richtig wohl)
Will der mich kontrollieren oder will der mich entführen oder ist das in zivil die Polizei?
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Wie schön, dass ich heut’ endlich einmal Zeit hab’
Ich muss nicht rasen, wie ein wilder Stier
Ich träum’ so in Gedanken, ganz allein’ und ohne Schranken
Und wünsch’ das schöne Mädchen wär’ bei mir
Jetzt wird mir diese Sache langsam mulmig (Im Sigesglück)
Ich fahr’ die allernächste Abfahrt raus! (Heut’ ist ein schöner Tag)
Dort werd’ ich mich verstecken hinter irgendwelchen Hecken
Verdammt, dadurch komm’ ich zu spät nach Haus’
Bye bye mein schönes Mädchen, gute Reise
Sie hat den Blinker an, hier fährt sie ab
Für mich wird in zwei Stunden auch die Fahrt zu Ende gehen
Doch dich mein Mädchen, werd’ ich nie wieder sehen
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada

Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
In the car in front of me is driving a young girl
She drives alone ‘and she seems pretty
I do not know her name and I do not know her destination
I only realize she drives with a lot of feeling
In the car in front of me is driving a young girl
I’d like to know what she’s thinking
Is she listening to the same station or is her radio off?
Is she driving to the rendezvous or home?
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
What does the stupid guy behind me want? (Is not she cute)
I ask myself, why does not it overtake me? (So ??soft hair)
He’s been hanging behind me for half an hour
Now it’s dawning and he goes without light (So nice with ninety)
He can be a hundred kilometers away (which I’m glad)
Man, drive past my duck! (I feel really good)
Does he want to control me or does he want to kidnap me or is this civilian police?
Rada rada radadada
Rada rada radadada
How nice that I finally have time today ‘
I do not have to race like a wild bull
I dream so much in my thoughts, all alone and without barriers
And wish the beautiful girl were with me
Now this thing is getting queasy for me (in Sigesglück)
I drive out the very next exit! (Today is a beautiful day)
There I’ll hide behind some hedges
Damn, that’s why I’m coming home too late. ‘
Bye bye my beautiful girl, good trip
She has the turn signal on, here she leaves
For me, the journey will


Cracking tune, but.


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Heino Implores You To Attend The Quiz

Tonight’s info:

Joker & The Thief, 7pm. Jackpot £30, Cheat: Heino is in the music round (see vid below)

Brass Monkey (Drummond Street), 9pm. Jackpot £180, Cheat: One of the answers in the picture round is ‘Namibia

Heino is the savage human embodiment of the German stereotype, except real. He delivers songs with ruthless efficiency and maximum pride. This song is called “The Polish Girl”. It’s clear that she will surrender to Heino’s Blitzkrieg Love. The year is 1974.

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