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Wednesday – now 3 quizzes

I’m doing my usual two and Gordon is down at the Shore doing Harmonium – the vegan pub.

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £90. Cheat answer – There is a FLAKE in the picture round.

8pm – Harmonium. Jackpot £60. Cheat answer – One of the music round hits is by Chainsmokers ft. Rozes. The video is below

9pm – Brass Monkey, Drummond Street. Jackpot £90 Cheat answer – tonight’s music round includes Dire Straits. See video at the bottom to hear the song.

The Chainsmokers thing is the most standard modern pop music you’ll ever hear. They’re not really trying, are they?

Meanwhile, Dire Straits deliver a pop punch with soul and balls. The way it used to be. Just one more reasons why my generation is great and yours is rubbish (etc.)


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