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October Winners

Here’s a (nearly-complete) list of names of teams who were quiz champions during the merry month of October teams who won twice are shown in bold)…???????????????????????????????

2 Guineas Please
A-Dom-inable Snowman
Chicken Dinner
Cobra Snake
Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber
Hair Of The Dog
Kill Jester
Porn Dwarfs
Quiz Me Beneath The Milky Twilight
Quizzee Rascals
Quizzical Grafitti
Ron Burgundy
Seagull Sandwich Snatchers
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
The Bluebirds of Happiness
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The Lauded Ale Drinkers
The Mavericks
Thelma & Louise
World Dom-ination

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October Team Names

Here are some of the team names which caught my eye at the various quizzes around town during October:

  1. Ebola Soup
  2. Ebola Cocopops
  3. Psychocandy
  4. Shatner’s Bassoon
  5. Kill Jester
  6. Team Toothpaste, We’re Minted
  7. If You Ain’t Dutch You Ain’t Much
  8. Thelma & Louise
  9. Carl Is An Arsehole
  10. The Dalbeattie Stars
  11. Overspill Carpark
  12. X95
  13. We Are Pish
  14. Ginger Rainbow
  15. Gipfelsturmer
  16. Martin Sounds Like A Girl
  17. Happy Little Bluebirds
  18. If You Ain’t Dutch, You Ain’t Much
  19. Candlewasters
  20. White Girls Getting Wasted


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Team Names from September 2014

Here’s a wee list of pub quiz team names from September which were notable enough to write down on a separate note:

  1. Mike Hawke’s Cheesy Sauce
  2. The Venga Bollocks
  3. I Fucking Hate PandasI fucking hate pandas
  4. The Unemployed Pissheads
  5. The Dapper Flaps (Keeping it Clean for the Queen)
  6. We Were Just Evicted – Any Sympathy Points?
  7. Alex Salmond’s Fluffer Squad
  8. Let’s Get Quizzical
  9. Martin Sounds Like A Girl
  10. Da Witte Wij Nie*
  11. Devon Knows I’m Miserable Now
  12. Fuck the 55
  13. 1 Guy, 1 Cup
  14. Peter Reid Frae Peterheid Is Deid
  15. Stephen Hawking’s Kendo Stick
  16. Racecar Is Racecar Backwards
  17. FHRITP**

A couple need explaining. “DA WITTE WIJ NIE” apparently means WE KNOW NOTHING in some kind of Dutch dialect, the team being Dutch. And it was no idle boast: this team, who competed at No.1 Grange Road, were sensationally bad, even given the handicap of not quizzing in their first language.

The other is FHRITP which apparently means “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy”.

The chap who handed this in at the Brass Monkey Leith explained the meaning of the abbreviation when I asked him and was amazed that I didn’t know what it stands for.

Apparently this is a “thing” on Youtube where people ruin the work of other people who are trying to conduct serious pieces to camera by shouting “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy”

Actually, a very brief youtube search confirms this:

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