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Monday 6th May – Quiz now running twice per night

I am now going to do the Monday, Wednesday and Friday quizzes at 7pm (on YouTube) and 9pm (on Facebook), because people have different preferred times.

The 9pm will be repeat of the 7pm but there are no prizes for high scores, so cheating is not an issue – it’s just a second chance to take part in the quiz.

Tonight’s 7pm quiz is sponsored by CROSSBORDERS brewing and you can win 2 x THE GROWLER

The GROWLER is a one-litre super-container of delicious beer. You will like!

For cheats and hints to win Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh, get the weekly email.

Yeah. Monday Quiz Now sponsored by Crossborders. Win Beer!

7pm on YouTube tonight, with Quizando Cash round at 9pm

So: come to the quiz.

Then get on Quizando to win actual cash after the main quiz. The money round is at 8.30pm.

And remember that the 7pm quiz is now sponsored by local brewer Crossborders so one lucky winner will win six tins of delicious beer

Last week’s winner was Simon from the Porn Dwarfs and he made this triumphal pyramid:

Tower of Power

For cheats and hints to win Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh, get the weekly email.

Woo Hah – Got You All In Bread

Tonight Tonight 7pm BREAD quiz and quiz

Yass, it’s Wednesday and that means BREID or DEID.

The Dr Paul Wednesday quiz on YouTube is now sponsored by James the Baker from Herbies West End

If you’re wanting top-quality baked products, get in touch – James Wil Deliver!

And if you want to try winning some BREID, then get on the quiz tonight. Here are some happy winners from the last few weeks:

Gerry doing a pretty good impression of a man who uses his loaf
Davie: delighted!
Alfie – in love with the loaf

Join the ROLL of honour, tonight!

Quiz at:

Pub Quiz 7pm – on YouTube

Here’s tonight’s quiz. I hope you can round up a team and join me at 7pm

Huckle your team into place for 7p

Sponsor tonight is Herbie’s West End, offering FOUR loaves of high-quality bread for one winning team tonight.

Just play the quiz and upload your score to win.

Will it be you tonight? Over the last two weeks we have had winners Alfie and Davie:


James even threw in a pizza last week. Blimey!

So if you want to see James The Baker heading up YOUR path with arms-full of the good stuff, play the quiz tonight.

And, apart from that, it’s just a really good quiz, so there’s the fun too.

Here comes the Baker

For cheats and hints to win Dr Paul quizzes in Edinburgh, get the weekly email.