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Whose Seat is Arthur’s?

Always on the lookout for local quiz stuff, I climbed Arthur’s Seat last week to see if I could answer the question:

Question: Can you see both Forth Bridges from the Top of Arthur’s Seat?

Dr Paul researcing quiz questions up Arthur's Seat
Dr Paul researching quiz questions up Arthur's Seat

The answer is: yes you can, in fact you don’t have to go that far, you can see them both from even from the top of Sailsbury Crags. But anyway – its a nice little local geography question.

Meanwhle, I’ve had a harder time establishing the origin of Arthur. Whose seat is it anyway? Who is Arthur? The Wikipedia page isn’t too helpful, saying it might be to do with King Arthur and providing an incomplete (as I write) reference about the name being a corruption of Archer’s Seat.

Does anyone know for sure?

More TV – The Chase

The Chase, ITV 1Next on my hitlist of TV game shows to apply for is The Chase which piloted on ITV 1 last June.

The show is doing an audition tour of the UK in February and March to look for contestants.

Audition cities will include Glasgow if there are enough Scottish applications received, so you won’t have to travel far.

I’ve not seen the show myself but it sounds like a distilled version of Eggheads where you have to beat one brain instead of five to win the money.

Perhaps this means the odds of winning money are a better than Eggheads where the rotating panel of ‘brains’ have been known to win 74 episodes in a row!

If you want to get on the show, then send an an email to and ask for an application form.

The Omnipotence of Bovril

Researching a jackpot question for next month about the origin of various drinks (Vimto, Bovril, Irn Bru, etc) led me to this amazing Bovril advert from the early 20th Century.

Bizarre Bovril and Pope ad
Before USA v USSR there was Bovril and The Pope

Intersting. I’m no expert but it looks like The Pope is drinking a two litre flagon of the brown-and-beefy stuff and has just won a game of chess against The Devil (off-camera) by plonking down a massive 50-litre rook with a Bovril prefect’s badge.

I guess this is what people got up to before Facebook.

World’s First: Negative Points!

I’ve been running pub quizzes since the mid-1990s but I have never seen anyone finish a quiz with MINUS points unti lthe other night at Jenny Ha’s when Willie, going under the team name SCOTIA managed this epic feat.

Having built up a flimsy 8 points in the first four rounds, Willie went for beroke in the minefield round, answering all five questions, getting them all wrong and scoring minus 2 for each: total score for the round: minus 10, total score for the quiz: minus 2.


Crap Answers From Last Night

Two spectacular wrong answers last night. First of all at Jenny Ha’s came this question in a round entitled “The Seventies”:

Q. What year in the 1970s were Dannii Minogue, Ewan MCGregor and Gary Barlow all born.

A. 1961

And then, up at the Reverie was a picture question, a night-city skyline full of skyscapers and light.

Q. Which city in Germany in this?

A. Amsterdam.

It’s not 1942 any more, darlings.

Eggheads Die Tomorrow

One more sleep until I take on the Eggheads with the help of Catherine (from the TEAM WITH NO NAME) who comes to the Reverie, plus various quiz geniuses from  the Glasgow days.

Me & CJ - same barber?

The Eggheads die tomorrow morning round about 9am in a Glasgow TV studio, so remember them fondly: the ‘jolly’ one, the glaikit one, the slimy one, the other one and the bird.

Everyone has their own favourite Egghead. CJ de Mooi seems particularly well-liked whenever I bring the subject up.

There are six in the team (five on screen plus a reserve) and the most amount of money ever won is £75,000. If we win that, it’ll be twelve and a half grand each which would buy you a house in the 1970s but makes for a decent holiday now.

However, the prize fund on the show is based on rollovers (+ £1000 every time the Eggheads win), so if they lose the show prior to ours, we’ll be playing for £166.67 each.

No matter – the point is we have a system and we’re going to beat them!

Bring it on!

Jedward – Still Famous Enough To Be Hated Two Months Later

jedward maskSo I asked this ultra-short-term showbiz amnesia question on Monday at the Reverie:

Q. What was the surname of the “Jedward” twins who became famous on X-Factor earlier this year.

Some of the answers handed in include:

  • Cockmuncher
  • Muppet
  • Dickhead
  • Stevens

None of these are correct. The right answer is “Grimes”. It’s heart-warming to feel that these two young fellers can still rouse the population to copious anger and venom, a full month after they got voted out and stopped being famous!

Well done lads!