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Monday 26th August 2019

Pub Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £50. Cheat: Honda Civic (pic round)

7pm – Portobello Tap. Jackpot: £90. Cheat: Switzerland (pic round)

9pm – Argyle Bar Jackpot £120. Cheat news: Radiohead (music round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £30. Cheat news: Oasis (music round)

Good Jackpots – Great Burgers

Both of tonight’s decent jackpots are at Kerry’s quizzes rather than mine: £90 at: The Portobello Tap at 7pm and top pot is £120 at The Argyle Bar at 9pm .

The Portobello Tap’s burgers are so good that they SOLD OUT yesterday. Popular!


Here are the music round cheats for tonight

The first is for the Argyle Bar:


It’s Radiohead, who are so miserable they make Morrissey sound like Alan Carr.

Note: for some reason the first part of the clip is Marvin the Martian. The song doesn’t actually start whining and grating until you get to about 1’30”.

Don’t worry – at the quiz the clip only lasts for around fifteen seconds.

And the music round cheat for the Safari is this:


Oasis are tedious like a sudoku with not enough numbers in it.

To be honest I’d happily listen to Radiohead for the rest of my life if the choice was Oasis. God they are dull.

Again, happily, the clip you’ll hear tonight is only around fifteen seconds long.

And aside from those little clips of tedium and misery, the quiz is a non-stop electric roller-coaster bolt-cutter of entertainment power and shazam.

Don’t miss it.

See ya later – x

Dr P

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Portobello Tap Tonight
Portobello Tap Tonight
Beers at the Portobello Tap

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Man In A Pub Fact Check – Susan Boyle

Scene: last night at the Brass Monkey Leith.

Three men at a bar. The chat turns, as it inevitably does in these situations, to Susan Boyle.

One man lays out a fact:

“Susan Boyle is the ONLY artist to ever have a number one album in the UK charts AND the US charts at the same time.”

Usually when I’m given an astonishing FACT like this, the implication is that I use it in the quiz.

Fair enough

But before deploying, I know it’s always worth checking.

So, unsurprisingly, the actual FACT is slightly less astonishing than the initial claim.

Susan Boyle became the first solo female artist to have TWO simultaneous UK-and-US chart-topping albums in the space of less than twelve months.

Two other artists have already achieved this: The Beatles and The Monkees (both in the sixties), but they are bands rather than solo artists.

Note: Boyle’s albums were not in the same calendar year (2009 and 2010).

Note: The achievement is doing the simultaneous no.1 TWICE in 12 months.

Other artists have done the double twice or more, including Adele and Led Zeppelin, but over a wider span of time. The Beatles did it six times.

Plenty of other artists have been simultaneously top of the US and UK charts, including Pink Floyd, Phil Collins and Radiohead.

Tom Yhorke out of Radiohead dissing the quiz
Tom Yhorke, yesterday

And this is all albums. The singles chart has a whole different list. In fact, that might make quite a good list round. Noted.

By the way, none of this is to subtract from Susan Boyle’s amazing success. Her chart achievements are pretty phenomenal but the point of this article is to point out how easily the truth can get blended into something completely different.

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Sunday Offers Peace Not Violence. Come To The Quiz

Tonight’s quizzes :

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Radiohead (music round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Portugal (pic round)

Sunday. Both quizzes were jackpots last week so we are down to the basics tonight: £30 available in each joint.

The world cup has started but, as ever, the tournament only really gets interesting in the knockout phases, so you can comfortably ignore shite like Slovakia versus Paraguay.

Tonight’s cheat music is misery-makers supreme Radiohead. To hear their individual brand of woe, click on the vid below.

If you’d like to extend the pain, someone has put the osng on youtube at 800% slower. Naturally, it’s been viewed over half a million times:

Listening to Radiohead at one eighth of the speed is very Sunday. It’s like the old days when I used to go to church (as a child) and then you’d come home and it was still the morning and you felt like life was going to last forever, not in a good way.

This is the eighties of course, way before instant entertainment. If you did dare to switch the telly on the very best it would get would be Little House on The Prairie but after that it would just be endless Harry Secombe, Landward, Judith Chalmers, Songs Of Praise, Cliff MIchelmore, Ski Sunday, Horse of the Year Show, Michael Aspel.


Also, BBC 2 in those days would, like a used-up uncle, take several hours nap in the afternoon. It would sometimes look like this:

Image result for bbc tv sunday afternoon 1983

Nothing ever happened. If you went outside, all the shops would be shut and all that you had to fill your head were thoughts of imminent nuclear destruction by the Soviets (another early-eighties slice of fun)

Dial forward to the era of the super-information highway and you can now have high-def porn, followed by World Cup, followed by buying shite off of ebay. Then get La Favorita to deliver a pizza of your choice.

I guess Radiohead are just trying to recapture the days of nothingness.

Having considered this now for a few minutes, I am more sympathetic to their cause. Especially with the 800% slower thing. Nice.

Oh, I nearly forgot to say: come to the quiz.


Dr Paul

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Come on

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