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Thanks Hearts And Hibs, You Pair of Wanks

Tonight: Monkey On. Joker Off.

Thanks to the inability of Hearts and Hibs to reach a conclusion to their cup-tie the other week, there is a replay tonight at Easter Road. The ensuing Leith-based chaos means that the Joker is skipping the quiz this week and closing early. Probably a smart move, but annoying nonetheless.

Anyway the Joker should have been £30 jackpot tonight and we’re assuming that tonight would count as a rollover so the jackpot will be £60 next Wednesday. See you then.

The Brass Monkey is on as usual as it is in a part of town generally unaffected by the nonsense that football sometimes becomes.

Brass Monkey (Drummond Street), 9pm

Jackpot: £30

Cheat: The music round includes Rosie Gaines. See this vid for the tune:

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