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  • Sunday Satisfaction

    Sunday Satisfaction

    Tonight’s quizzes : 6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £90. Cheat: The Horrors (music round) 8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: French (pic round) Sunday […]

  • Dead Pool April 2018

    Dead Pool April 2018

    I missed handing out Dead Pool sheets on the Sunday night before the end of March so sorry if you missed out. The names chosen […]

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    Dead Pool Entries – January 2018

    A curtailed entry this month as I only got round to handing out DEAD POOL sheets on two nights in December. Anyway, the lucky few […]

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    November 2017 Dead Pool: Names

    Here are the names you chose for Dead Pool this month. If you picked one that drops, you win a £1 million scratchcard. In the […]

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    Dead Pool Latest: July 2017

    An extraordinary entry this month: more than ONE QUARTER of the entries named Queen’s husband Prince Philip as the one likely to die. If this […]

  • Dead Pool Line Up May 2017

    Here are the names you chose to back for death on the #deadpool for May 2017. Bigger font = more people choosing that name, so […]

  • Dead Pool April 2017

    Just finished inputting names for April 2017 Dead Pool. Usual suspects riding high in the choices are there: Trump, Queen, Phil, Brucie. More spicy inclusions […]

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    Dead Pool List for March 2017

    All bets are in. Here are the runners and riders for March 2017. As has been the theme for the last few months, it’s a […]

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    Dead Pool – January 2017

    Right – I just got round to collating the entries for January Dead Pool. Here they are The number in (brackets) shows the number of […]

  • Dead Pool New Rule

    If you just write “George Bush” on your Dead Pool entry, I will assume it is the older of the two fuckwitted former presidents.