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I’m Back

I survived an operation last week. They literally cut me open and put me back together again like play doh, meccano, lego and origami. If you’ve never had one under GA, I’ll tell you this: it’s weird.

Anyway – back to work tonight.

7pm – The Joker & The Thief. Jackpot £30. Cheat: The music round includes ‘Regina’ by The Sugarcubes. It’s Bjork, but old. Watch the video to hear the song:

9pm – Monkey – there is no quiz at the Monkey on Drummond Street for the duration of August, mainly due to festival wanks, etc.

I once met Bjork. She was part of a pub quiz team called “Flange Trumpet”, this was at the Cul de Sac in Glasgow in 1999 and she was on a world tour or something and was due to play the SECC the next night.

She knew people in Glasgow and they happened to come to my quiz, so she came too. She knew nothing at all apart from an obscure fact about the invention of clockwork which allowed her team to finish third.

Owing to the format I used at the time, third place gave you a good chance of winding up in a dance off, which she did, against evil doctor Gam.

Gam was a legend of the dance off and bust every move he could, Bjork just stood there trying to be cute/inscrutable, a technique which had served her well in terms of album sales, but could it win a dance off.

But Bjork’s no dummy, she quickly realised that as Gam was doing the running-man, the funky worm and the boom that she couldn’t just win this thing by looking cute: she needed to pull something out.

That’s when she blew the speakers. There were four in the room and she turned on the spot and made a kind of whale noise directly at each one, blowing the speakers in turn, until there was silence. Gam stopped dancing.

All eyes were on Bjork and then she did a single pirouette and then another whale noise, although after a few seconds it was clear she was singing ‘Flower of Scotland’. The room exploded, Bjork got the case of beer and afterwards she slapped down fifty grand on the counter and said ‘that’s for the sound syster’.

We weren’t cunts about it, we fixed the sound system the next day and wired her the change (i.e. most of it – minus a drink or two).

It remains the only time in history that Gam (R.I.P.) ever lost a dance-off in his entire life.

And that was the time Bjork won the dance off at the quiz.*


*It is also not true.

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Dance Off Devastation But No Jackpot

A new star was born on the dance-off scene on Monday night as a chap called “John” (pictured, left) down-pointed, bopped and slid his way into the hearts of the Reverie crowd, beating challengers from Flystrike and the Cheeseplant team.

Dance off at Dr Paul Quiz

Well done to John and his team, Thundercunt, who finished the evening as champions. But there was to be no cash glory for anyone as the True or False weaved its secret weirdness once again.

This means a jackpot of £200 next Monday and a promise that the jackpot MUST BE WON. We’ll try it the normal way and then, if no one wins that, we’ll have a shoot out involving everyone for the money. Yeah!

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Amazing Dance Off Leads to £100

Last night at The Reverie saw an epic battle between awesome legends BENGT, LETS GET QUIZZICAL and E=MC HAMMER SQUARED plus new names like COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

However, in the end it was previous £100 winners GOOGLE EYED who found their form at just the right time to finish first in a three-way tie with NEMO and COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE.

The only sensible solution to a 3-way tie was the dance off. There was an immediate contrast with Gordon from Google Eyed flipping like a weird panther while Stuart from NEMO just complained about his leg. Falling in between was Brendan from COLOMBO KICKS LANSBURY’S ARSE who was a bit like the Lib Dems as everyone liked him, but just not quite enough.

dance off action
dance off action

There’s Gordon, thrilling the punters IN THEIR FACE. The winning team as a whole looked like this:

Google Eyed
Google Eyed

The Riddle of the Beast proved a tricky one and it came down to a choice of Phil Collins’s favourite Britney Spears track being either:

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time
  • Toxic
  • I’m a Slave 4 U
  • Do Somethin

Gordon went for “I’m a Slave For You”  – based on PC’s love of old-fashioned morals and its the confidence paid off. The £100 was THAT EASY!

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Dance Off Devastation Leads to Golden Putt

David from GOOGLE EYED showed the world the exact meaning of a dance-off on Monday night at the Reverie.

He humped, banged and grinded his way through the occasion to leave the onlookers breathless and dazed, like the aftermath of a good shag.

The other bloke, from THE BAYES FACTOR,  never stood a chance

That was the easy bit. David then steeled himself for the £100 Golden Putt which had moved another two floorboards closer to the hole. David took his time and sent the ball unerringly into the jaws of victory.



Back to £20 next Monday – see you then…

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Laws Of Dance Changed Forever

SOLID STATE feat. dance-god Jake (right)
SOLID STATE feat. dance-god Jake (right)

The Reverie quiz last night ended up with the kind of revolution that only happens once per generation – a new dance was born in the white heat of the dance off and it already has a name.

It started when the quiz finished up with a draw between EASY DRAW (last week’s winners) and the SOLID STATE CREW (Scientists on the Christmas piss).

The Reverie crowd demanded a dance off and they got one, in style. Jack from SOLID STATE was the star as he used his knowledge of physics and chemistry to create something NEVER SEEN IN DANCE BEFORE.

It went like this:

  1. JUMP up and down while flapping both arms like a novelty plastic Chinese cat
  2. RUN out of pub’s doors, on to the street,
  3. AMAZE passers-by.
  4. BURST back through the doors
  5. EXECUTE a commando roll, and…
  6. RESUME move number 1.

No one has any idea what Tom did during the dance off because everyone was watching Jack. Tom was gracious in defeat – he knew he was beat; while Jack was lifted shoulder-high and was carried around the streets of Newington like a new God by the delirious crowd who knew they had paid witness to something special.

Back at the boozer, I asked Jack what he called his awesome and new style of dancing. What is the name of this phenomenon?

“The Tremor,”

he replied.

Jack carried on to total quiz victory, making a mockery of the bouncy-egg challenge and nailing the difficult mystery voice. Would you have known this?

Mystery Voice No.2

(Apparently one team knew because they have a lesbian flatmate. It’s funny how that sometimes pays off.)

Anyway – the good news is that I have been emailed some badly-shot, wrong-way-round far-too-dark footage of this legendary dance off. I’ll see if I can clean it up and post it here later.

Dance-Off Fever Grips Newington

The Fennel Frontier - dance experimentalist Alex, second from left.
The Fennel Frontier - dance experimentalist Alex, second from left.

DATELINE: The Reverie, Monday 16th November, 2009

The well-bred environs of South-Central Edinburgh rocked to the power of a man last night, and that man was Alex.

His team, the FENNEL FRONTIER had drawn for first place, but Alex took the bull by the horns and spat in the opposition’s chips by inventing a new type of dancing which had never been seen in the First World.

Result: victory.

Alex refused to stop there and won through to the ultimate question but unfortunately that’s where his luck ran out.

Phil Collins, destroyer of worlds, was victorious again and the rollover is £60 for next Monday. Beast.

By the way, I didn’t get any film of Alex’s style but here’s a flashback  from the old days in Glasgow featuring dance-off another legend… George.