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Monday Is The Best Quiz Day Of The Week

Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot:£50. Cheat: Julia Michaels (music round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £120. Cheat news: Canola (pic round)

Great jackpots tonight. What’s not to love. Get to the quiz!

Cheat piece for the music round at the Brass Leith tonight, a female singer named Julia Michaels:

It’s a modern one, so it sounds kinda the same as lots of other modern hits, except with a lisp which appears to be her USP.

The “crying voice” used in these songs does my nut in. So many modern singers rely on tone of voice to convey the fact that they are sad.

I thought she looked British from the first minute or so but according to Wiki, she’s American. It doesn’t really matter but it’s funny how we need to know that sort of thing.

More interesting: she writes for others, including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. That might explain why she sounds a lot like them.

Monday is great and brilliant and I should have some Cunto cards with me tonight just in case you’re looking for the best gift of 2018.


Dr P

Winners advice from Captain Haddock
Winners advice from Captain Haddock



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Hey. Finish the Weekend With A Quiz

Tonight – last Sunday quizzes of 2017:

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Gymnastics (pic round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Whitney Houston (music round – see below…)

Witness Whitney’s groove in the vid below: she rhymes “World War Three” with “poverty“. It’s a shame she’s dead cos the world NEEDS MORE RHYMES LIKE THESE.

Meanwhile, here’s the guy (on the left) who won the money at the Tolbooth last Sunday: ooh la la

Cash winner Richard (or was it Robert ?- I cannae mind)

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Eight Right Answers. That’s All It Takes.

All eight correct = WIN

This was the winning entry from the Brass Monkey Leith last Monday. Matthew won the £150 for these right answers .

Ally also had 8/8 so it went to the tiebreak. Matthew’s answer was closer.

The Question was: What percentage of 30-34 in the UK live at the parents house.

Matthew guesses 32%

Ally guessed 40%

So Matthew was closer to the true answer which was only 8%

Result: CASH!

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Scratchcard Success

Darren who drinks in the Persevere won £1000 on a (£5) scratchcard last week.

He said he looked up the odds on this happening and it was 480,000 to 1, which is about have as likely as the chances of anything coming from Mars.

scratchcards - no way to get rich
scratchcards – no way to get rich

I guess you have to be in it to win it.

Out of interest I asked what happened after the win – you can’t get £1000 out of the corner shop. Apparently you go to the post office and they print you off a cheque – that’s it.

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How Positivity Affects Your Chances of Winning The Quiz

They say it’s all in the mind.

Before turning up to the Persevere last night, QUIZTIAN SLATER posted on the Dr Paul facebook this statement of intent regarding the £120 jackpot:

.. Let it be known, *we are coming for the money.

A couple of hours later:
_120 slaterSee? You gotta be positive.

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BB King Death Makes Edinburgh Man £100


Stewart quizzes with the B-SHARPS at the Brass Monkey on Drummond Street on Wednesday nights.

Back in April he backed BB King to die during the month of MAy in my Dead Pool contest.

BB King duly fulfilled his part of the bargain on May 14th when he popped off due to “a series of small strokes caused by diabetes” (although his daughters suspect foul play). Anyway, no matter the cause, the death was confirmed and Stewart faced a wait to see if anyone more famous would die last month who was in the Dead Pool.

They didn’t and so last night Stewart finally collected his winnings, a pair of scratchcards worth up to £2 million. Here he is:_100 stewart

Now, in all the years I’ve given away scratchies at the quiz, the most I’ve seen anyone win in one go was £15. That was about four years ago.

But Stewart’s first card revealed a £100 win. At this point he thought I’d maybe given him a joke card but when the second one was a loser he startedto think it might be true

Of course, it IS true. Check it out:

_winning scratchie £100

Stewart, understandably, immediately bought a pair of Sambucas which he shared with me and is now said to be spending time with his family in order to plan how best to use his windfall, going forward.

I wish him well.

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Dead Pool September – We Have A Winner!

Here was the characters who were marked down for the reaper by our doom-sayers during August for the month of September, together twith their breathing-or-not status for 1st October.

Billy Connolly    alive
Bruce Forsyth    alive
Charlie Sheen    alive
Christopher Lee    alive
Clint Eastwood    alive
Daniel Radcliffe    alive
Daniella Westbrook    alive
David Attenborough    alive
David Hasselhoff    alive
David Jason    alive
Drake    alive
George HW Bush    alive
Ian McKellan    alive
Jack Nicholson    alive
James Earl Jones    alive
Janet Jackson    alive
Joan Rivers    died Sep 4th 2014

Justin Bieber    alive
Kirk Douglas    alive
Lewis Hamilton    alive
Liam Gallagher    alive
Lindsay Lohan    alive
Macaulay Culkin    alive
Mariah Carey    alive
Martin Sheen    alive
Mel Brooks    alive
Michael Caine    alive
Michael Douglas    alive
Michael Parkinson    alive
Michael Schumacher    alive
Michel Cera    alive
Muhammed Ali    alive
Nancy Reagan    alive
Nicholas Parsons    alive
Oscar Pistorius    alive
Ozzy Osbourne    alive
Paul Gascoigne    alive
Pete Doherty    alive
Pope Benedict XVI    alive
Prince Philip    alive
Quentin Tarantino    alive
Rolf Harris    alive
Ronnie Woods    alive
Sean Connery    alive
Silvio Berlusconi    alive
Sinead O’Connor    alive
Stan Lee    alive
The Queen    alive
Zsa Zsa Gabor    alive

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there is only one goner on the list, beating various nonagenarians to the finishing tape it was acclaimed Zionist and comedienne Joan Rivers who took the chequered flag.

Three Dead-Poolers had Rivers and they went into the draw but who won? Watch the video to find out…


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