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Thu Nov 8 – Quizzes Tonight

Quizzes Tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £30. Cheat answer: “Bombay Bicycle Club” (music round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £150. Cheat answer: Ferrari (pic round).

So, Halloween’s just out the way but just when you think there’s a bit of clear water and a bit of blue sky, there’s Hugo in the Monkey

Hugo only appears in Edinburgh when there’s big events work to be done, we saw him a few months ago when it was the festival.

“All right Hugo – to what do we owe the pleasure? Why are you in town?”


Aaaaaaaagggggh. Bastards. Can someone organise a movement to cancel Christmas? I’ll sign the petition.

Anyway, here’s the music round cheat for tonight which is for the Argyle Bar:

Bombay Bicycle Club? Not my cup of tea. A bit Lib-Dem, a bit of a bed-wetter tendency.


Incidentally – Thursday is now the day when I express my political opinion on this blog.


Are you Leave or Remain?

Poppy or No Poppy?

Cybernat or Onionist?

Liberal or Racist?

These simplistic 50/50s seem to be everywhere these days and while people expend their political energy working out what camp their in and then shouting at the other camp, any ideas to actually fix things get forgotten and dusty.

As the population rips itself to bits with thrashing right/wrong arguments in the simplest possible terms (which go nowhere), the elites continue to stockpile money, power, and the means to survive when the flood comes.

The rest of us will drown and will still be arguing the meaning of Brexit as Britain itself disappears beneath narwhals.

Maybe we should accept whatever poppy someone is wearing or not wearing and get back to destroying the privilege of the wealthy.


Dr Paul

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Why The Olympics Is Rubbish

By the way. See all this hand-wringing moralising about Russian dope cheats in sport? It’s all utter nonsense.

All UK athletes, all US athletes and all athletes from countries like Germany, Switzerland and Canada have been doping for years, every single one of them.

The doping that enhances their performances isn’t necessarily chemical but it’s just as effective: MONEY.

If the medals won at the Olympics were shared out between the number of people in a country, the UK would have a medal for every 77,000 people but in India one medal would have to be shared between 45 million folk.

Does this mean British people are 591 times better than Indian people?

Does it mean we are five hundred times as sporty, five hundred times as fit and healthy?

Of course not, but the Olympic medal table is held up like some nation performance indicator.

FACT: Top sport is for privileged people.

Broadcasters like the BBC love the cosy narrative about sports people being ordinary folks making big life sacrifices for a noble end. That’s partly true but the real story includes a shit load of privilege which is never part of the story.

The same media have been busy crying about Russia and drugs and how our poor Brits have been done out of medals.

Drug cheats and wealth cheats. It’s all the same if you never get a shot in the first place.

Democratic Republic of Congo has more people than the UK and is still waiting for it’s first Olympic medal. We have more than 800.

The Olympics is a quadrennial festival of posh idiots, forever shoving overwhelming privilege right down the throats of poor countries and reminding them who’s the boss.


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