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£250 Quiz Jackpot Tonight

7pm – Argyle Bar. Jackpot £30. Cheat: the music round contains Pat Benetar, see video below…

9pm – Newsroom. Jackpot: A mighty £250. Wow. Cheat: The picture round includes a curlew.

It’s not easy to adequately describe the video in a small number of words for this 1983 classic hit, so I quote from one of the comments on youtube:

"A  lovely song about a girl who leaves home to become the head hooker. Only to find herself oppressed in a brothel she calls a love battlefield. She will now have to do the impossible and lead her comrades on a dance off to freedom. Will she succeed? Only her pimp can tell..."

The video is, of course, great. I’d never seen it before but it ticks loads of eighties boxes and is incredibly realistic. I remember the early 1980s and I can tell you kids, life was exactly as portrayed in the video, even in Scotland.


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