BB King Death Makes Edinburgh Man £100


Stewart quizzes with the B-SHARPS at the Brass Monkey on Drummond Street on Wednesday nights.

Back in April he backed BB King to die during the month of MAy in my Dead Pool contest.

BB King duly fulfilled his part of the bargain on May 14th when he popped off due to “a series of small strokes caused by diabetes” (although his daughters suspect foul play). Anyway, no matter the cause, the death was confirmed and Stewart faced a wait to see if anyone more famous would die last month who was in the Dead Pool.

They didn’t and so last night Stewart finally collected his winnings, a pair of scratchcards worth up to £2 million. Here he is:_100 stewart

Now, in all the years I’ve given away scratchies at the quiz, the most I’ve seen anyone win in one go was £15. That was about four years ago.

But Stewart’s first card revealed a £100 win. At this point he thought I’d maybe given him a joke card but when the second one was a loser he startedto think it might be true

Of course, it IS true. Check it out:

_winning scratchie £100

Stewart, understandably, immediately bought a pair of Sambucas which he shared with me and is now said to be spending time with his family in order to plan how best to use his windfall, going forward.

I wish him well.

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Tonight’s Quizzes in Edinburgh plus Uganda Flag Facts

£40 jackpot at Cellar Monkey, 7pm

£100 jackpot at Newsroom, 9pm

Cheat information:

The Cellar Monkey music round features this plodding oldie by Paul McCartney in his band W” who were, as Alan Partridge put it, “the band the Beatles could have been.

and the Newsroom picture round has the flag of Uganda.


Did you know. The bird on the Uganda flag is a crane, specifically a grey-crowned crane. And you might think the colours were chosen because everyone in Uganda is a Partick Thistle supporter but the colours are, according to Wikipedia selected for these reasons:

  • Black: The People
  • Yellow: The sunshine of Africa
  • Red: African unity (the people are tied by blood).

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Forty Quid at The Monkey Tonight Plus a Question about The Mongolian Olympic Team

You can win £40 cash tongiht at the Brass Monkey on Drummond Street. The cheat news is that tonight’s music round includes the legend of Chas & Dave.

Meanwhile, someone was asking if Mongolia had a team at the London 2012 Olympics or not. I guess they were thinking that maybe Mongolia is a poor country with nae athletes so maybe didn’t expect there to be a team.

I didn’t know the naswer on the spot so of course I looked it up and found that the answer is that they did and in fact they won five medals: 2 Judo, 2 boxing and 1 in Wrestling. All the medal winners were men apart from the wrestler who was a lady called Soronzonbold Battsetseg. Get your tongue round that.

Here she is:
In other not-necessarily-expected-at-theOlympics news, despite being a Mediterranean nation, Greece have put a team into the Winter Olympics an amazing eighteen times, although they have NEVER won a single medal, ever.

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David Cameron Getting His Head Kicked Down The Road by Cilla Black

Years before she created literally millions of happy people with her blockbuster efforts SURPRISE SURPRISE and BLIND DATE, Cilla Black was practising her happiness in by dressing up Liverpool football costume and booting David Cameron’s head around a training pitch.

cilla black kicking david camerons head

Take that, you Eton cunt.

Credit: Debbie from the Argyle Bar did this pic!

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Not Every Great Picture Can Go In The Picture Round

When I’m researching picture rounds, I find some terrific images that don’t easily self-suggest a question to match.

evil easter bunnyToday’s example is this evil terrifying Easter bunny. I cannot think of a question for this. Let me know if you think of something.
germany's princess yvonne and prince alexander 1955Also: here’s Prince Yvonne and Prince Alexander of Germany smoking and drinking in 1955. Great picture, can’t think of a question.

_massive burger

And there’s the burger lady too. What can you ask?

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