Last Ever Reverie Quiz, plus other Monday News

The Reverie has been sold to G1. It will close for a while and re-open as something else. It is the end.

Tonight is the very last night of the pub and it’s the quiz. Come and join us. The jackpot is £60 and, obviously, must-be-won. If we’re lucky there might be a load of stuff to give away from the basement and maybe I can persuade Ed to put the pot up to £100 for the last night only…

Meanwhile: cheat news for tonight:

7pm Brass Monkey Leith Jackpot = £40. Cheat = music round includes Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish (see video below)

9pm Reverie Jackpot = £60. Cheat = one of the answers tonight is The Lost World


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Fact Check: Do Pigeons Have Penises?

A team at the Newsroom the other week dropped a bombshell when they told me that pigeons don’t have penises.

What? Pigeons don’t have penises? Can this be true?

_pigeon lady gif

Time for some super-horny Thursday-morning fact-checking.

First thing I found was this piece in The Scientist, which should be pretty reliable. It says:

“… But 97 percent of bird species have lost the ability to grow a penile structure capable of penetration over the course of evolution. They mate instead by rubbing together small openings called cloacae, in a maneuver called a cloacal kiss…”

So 97 per cent of birds mate by kissing their arseholes together? And the birds who have real penises tend to be water fowl and large birds like ostriches?

Surely that’s the info I need. But a quizmaster must be certain. What if pigeons just so happen to be in that 3 per cent cock bracket?

There’s a bloke called George who thinks not. He says he “Wiki’d it” and consequently posted this educational video:

The evidence is fairly stacking up for a lack of pigeon penis, but I think I finally nailed it at this article on

which includes this terrific graphic:


and this killer quote:

In zoological anatomy, a cloaca is the posterior opening that serves as the only such opening for the intestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts.  Birds also reproduce with this organ; this is known as a cloacal kiss. Birds that mate using this method touch their cloacae for only a few seconds, sufficient time for sperm to be transferred from the male to the female.
So there you have it. Fact proven: PIGEONS DO NOT HAVE PENISES. It’s going in the quiz.

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Sunday Jackpot, Killer Vid

Low jackpot tonight. It’s only £20 tonight because we had a  winner last Sunday. So back to the grindstone, back to the norm, back to the jackpot the day you was born.

At least you’re reading this which gives you some cheat news.

Cheat news: tonight’s music round includes Primal Scream. The video for the song includes a mass killing:

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Thursday Mega Jackpots in Town Tonight

Thursday is Venue day, which is to say that both quizzes take place in pubs which also have Fringe shows in the basement. So you can win buckets of cash and then go downstairs and laugh at the performers (in a good way or a bad way).

7pm Argyle Bar£140 jackpot. Cheat news: one of the answers tonight is “South Korea

9pm Newsroom£100 jackpot. Cheat news: one of the music round hits is this old Huey Lewis number, recorded back in the times of electric pop that we used to call “the eighties”

Amazingly, Huey Lewis’s prediction has now come true as we live in a world where being a ‘hipster’ is one of the most conformist and consumer-powered things you can possibly do.


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Three Word Fringe Show

When promoting a Fringe Show, you don’t get much time. The average Edinburgh person encounters 23,000 posters per week during the Fringe and reads 9,000 show listings.*

You get an average of three words to sell your act before your potential punter loses interest.

So, with this in mind I’ve been challenging quiz teams to come up with #threewordfringeshows.

Here are some that I managed to avoid throwing in the bin…

  • Chas Unt Dave
  • Adventures In Menstruating
  • Blancmange Succulent Spatchcocks
  • Snark Swallows Beaver
  • Horse Shit Gallery
  • The Sewel Motion
  • Dwarf In Matchbox
  • Cats With Guns
  • Bare Naked Neighbours
  • ISIS Does Cats
  • Gies A Shag
  • Nipples Like Coatpegs
  • Oxford University Revue
  • Corbyn Eats Babies
  • Deep Throats Everything
  • Animal Hospital Revisited
  • Kick Cameron’s Crotch
  • Reginald D Hunter
  • Stroke My Beard
  • Naked Gummybear Fun
  • Watch This Fucker

How much would you pay to see any of those?

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