Brass Monkey Leith – Monday 7pm

Brass Monkey Leith is easily the best pub on the Leith Walk except for possibly the Joker, (but technically the Joker is on Elm Row).

The pub has been running for over ten years now and for most of that time I’ve been doing the quiz there at the same time on the same day. Always popular, Mondays in the Brass Leith.

Pub Quiz Time & Day

Monday, 7 pm


Cash and Booze! Booze voucher for the main quiz and then and £50 cash for the rollover round each week. It can go big. Sometimes hits £150, occasionally £200.


Brass Monkey Leith does food at quiz time, a frequently updated and very tasty menu.



Phone the Brass Monkey Leith: 0131 554 5286

Facebook Page: Brass Monkey Leith

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One response to “Brass Monkey Leith – Monday 7pm”

  1. Kyle avatar


    What are the limitations on team sizes? Looking to do a work night next Monday at Brass Monkey Leith.


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