Bad Answer: Geography Lesson

On Monday at Jenny Ha’s, I asked the question

Q. Which city in the Repuclic of Ireland was European Capital of Culture in 2004. (Clue: It wasn’t Dublin)?

And at least two teams wrote

A. Belfast

Very poor. See that border on the map? That means different countries.


The correct answer,  by the way, is Cork.

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Einstein – I Was Right

Stewart likes to argue about the quiz questions and said that it was impossible to get this anagram at the Newsroom the other night:


because I gave a dodgy clue that the solution is a dead male who started life as a European but died an American citizen.

Wikipedia, as ever, vindicates:

Stewart insisted that Einstein was an Israeli by the time he died but it aint so. American citizenship 1940 – death.

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Pension Team Make Sensible Investment

There are team names and there are team names and I’ve seen thosuands of them but I had to laugh when this mob called themselves UNIT LINKED VALUATIONS. So uncool, it’s cool. They won the £5000 scratchcard for best team name.

Dr Paul quiz winners at the newsroom
Unit Linked Valuations

They then entered into a thirlling battle with ZOMBIE HEAD ON A STICK and eventually came out on top by one point, winning the £10,000 scratchcard and the wine.

Unfortunately Tony (left) sconned the challenge of the cards and then Andrew from Zombie Head On A Stick did the same.

This left Nick from SHANICK to face the Riddle of The Beast

Q. What is Phil Collins’s favourite fruit?

A. Apple

B. Banana

C. Pineapple

D. Peach

Nick went for apple but it was a pineapple (causes most pain when rammed up a servant’s arse). The jackpot rolls over to £50 next Thursday.

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Three’s Company Massive Score at Reverie

A huge score from 3’s COMPANY gave them the weekly title at Reverie and gave them a huge chance in the monthly million pound competition for highest score of the month.

quiz winners at the reverie

50 points is pretty unbelievable and it wasn’t even that east a quiz. One team ended up with 19!

Anyway, the chpa from 3’s  company was mad enoguh to  take me on at Top Trumps (Warships) but failed badly when he pulled out some daft French helicopter transporter against my awesome US Navy Amphibious Monster Ship. Raaar.

But then I was taken out by a real yank, Boris from HARRY POTTER AND THE CAPTIVE BOLT. What  can you do?

Unfortunately for Boris, he then faced the Beast and had trouble with this question:

Q. What colour does Phil Collins prefer when he’s playing RISK?

A. Red

B. Green

C. Pink

D. Black

The answer, of course, is black because as he wins he imagines his black armies spreading across teh board is like the plague. Then, when everyone is dead and he folds up the board to pour all the armies into the tray, he imagines filling up a huge mass grave with all the people in the world.

beast and boris

Boris went for red. Beast £80 next week.

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One Swell Foop in Imperious Form

ONE SWELL FOOP were bang in form last night at Jenny Ha’s, virtually raping the other teams and leaving them pregnant with illigitamate points.

this maybe stretches the metaphor too far – but they were very good and ended up with 46 points which briefly put  them in contention for this month’s million pounds

winners at Jenny Ha's pub quiz, Edinburgh, Monday night at 7pm

Meanwhile, Ewan scuffed out on the rubber egg challenge and left Stewart facing the Riddle of The Beast for £40.  He nailed it. Could you?

Q. What Does Phil Collins usually get his mum for Christmas?

A. Perfume

B. Chocolates

C. Magic Mushrooms

D. Soft Porn DVDs

The answer, of course, is Perfume because its the only one tested on animals. The Beast.

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