• Monday 31st October 2022

    It’s half six in the morning on the brink of November and it’s 13 degreees outside.Should we be worried? Or should we just go to […]

  • Thursday 27th October 2022

    Stewart has had a brush with the Covid, so tonight’s Strathie quiz is off. Sorry about that and I’m sure he’ll be fine and back […]

  • Wednesday 26th October 2022

    Hi everyone. Someone was pointing out on Twitter this morning that we have a Christian King, a Hindu Prime Minister, an Islamic Mayor of London […]

  • Tuesday 25th October 2022

    If we lived under an authoritarian totalitarian regime, would pub quizzes be allowed, given that they require engagement, thinking and an awareness of facts (no […]

  • Monday 24th October 2022

    Do you know the Sugarcubes? That was the band Bjork sang in before she was a solo singerThat’s how I used to describe it to […]

  • Thursday 20th October 2022

    Best pot tonight is Stewart’s £120 at The Strathie. THURSDAYYou could wash your hair. You could watch the telly.You could clean your bathroom if it’s […]

  • Wednesday 19th October 2022

    The thing about Wednesdays is that it’s probably the hardest day of the week for me to get a rollover cos Wednesday people are smart […]

  • Tuesday 18th October

    So if there ARE power cuts between 4pm-7pm in Jan/Feb, that’s probably all right cos most of the early quizzes start at seven. Hang on, […]

  • Monday 17th October 2022

    The kind of people who pour milk on the floor in Waitrose are, frankly, the same demographic who come to the Brass Monkey on Drummond […]

  • Thursday 13th October 2022

    Best pot tonight is Stewart’s £90 at The Strathie. Now listen, I know some people like to watch televised football but it’s a load of […]


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Sun 1pm – Hot Toddy

Sun 6pm – Porty Vault

Sun 6pm – The Persevere

Sun 8pm – Paradise Palms

Mon 7pm – Brass Monkey Leith

Mon 8pm – Amber Rose

Mon 9pm – Brass Monkey Drummond St

Tue – 6.30pm – Portobello Tap

Tue 8pm – Waverley Bar

Tue 9pm – Safari Lounge

Wed 6pm – Joker & Thief

Wed 6pm – Oz Bar

Wed 7pm – Ship Inn, Musselburgh

Wed 8pm – West Port Oracle

Wed 8.30pm – Brass Monkey Shore

Thu – 7pm – Brass Monkey Grange

Thu 7pm – Strathmore

Thu 7.30pm – Fisherrow Tap

Thu 9pm – The Newsroom

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