• Thursday 12th January 2023

    Best pot tonight is at the Strathie where £90 is beggin for your name. Lydia who works at the Monkey Shore last night that it […]

  • Wednesday 11th January 2023

    Another step back to normality with the Joker back in business having had a wee week off last time. I don’t know if Roddy’s going […]

  • Tuesday 10th January 2023

    The hangover of Christmas has one more anomaly in quiz terms – still no Candy Bar – starts next week. Apart from that, we are […]

  • Monday 9th January 2023

    Mondays are back. The horror of Christmas is over. Why do we do it to ourselves every year? Anyway – thankfully no more. Now it’s […]

  • Thursday 5th January 2022

    Full programme of quizzes tonight as the world returns to normal after the “festive” period. Thank God it’s still more than eleven months till Christmas. […]

  • Wednesday 4th January 2023

    So just the one quiz tonight and it’s down at the Brass Monkey Shore. Book a table and relax. Have a pint or six or […]

  • Tuesday 3rd January 2023

    I thought I was going to be back at the Candy Bar tonight, but I got an email yesterday explaining that head office don’t want […]

  • Thursday 29th December 2022

    The turning of the calendar means so much. This is how we divide our lives into meaning. How old are you? Do you remember 1984? […]

  • Wednesday 28th December 2022

    Hello. I’m typing this out early morning. I’m as sick as dog. I’ll be all right by the time I get to the Joker. So […]

  • Tuesday 27th December 2022

    Hey baby. It’s Tuesday. Wrap your head around these events tonight:  Portobello Tap 6pm (with Isla) Tonight’s jackpot: £30Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND […]


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Sun 1pm – Hot Toddy

Sun 6pm – Porty Vault

Sun 6pm – The Persevere

Sun 8pm – Paradise Palms

Mon 7pm – Brass Monkey Leith

Mon 8pm – Amber Rose

Mon 9pm – Brass Monkey Drummond St

Tue – 6.30pm – Portobello Tap

Tue 8pm – Waverley Bar

Tue 9pm – Safari Lounge

Wed 6pm – Joker & Thief

Wed 6pm – Oz Bar

Wed 7pm – Ship Inn, Musselburgh

Wed 8pm – West Port Oracle

Wed 8.30pm – Brass Monkey Shore

Thu – 7pm – Brass Monkey Grange

Thu 7pm – Strathmore

Thu 7.30pm – Fisherrow Tap

Thu 9pm – The Newsroom

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