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  • Sunday 7th April, 2024

    Sunday 7th April, 2024

    Sunday Quizzes are back to normal today after the various disruptions caused by Easter last week. On behalf of the weekly quizmasters of the future […]

  • Thursday 4th April, 2024
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    Thursday 4th April, 2024

    This morning, I see that it’s stopped raining, It’s only a temporary respite though. I’ve checked the forecast and discovered that after today it’s going […]

  • Wednesday 3rd April, 2024

    Wednesday 3rd April, 2024

    It was, as ever, a pleasure to stand in for Isla last night at the Portobello Tap. They’re a smart bunch down there and as […]

  • Sunday 31st March, 2024

    So obviously Jesus Christ rises from the dead today. Religion is a complicated business but I’ll try and summarise the implications of this miracle thus: […]

  • Sunday 24th March, 2024

    Sunday 24th March, 2024

    Well hello ducky Hello sailor. Hallo Dandy What can we do for you this fine Sunday? A packet of biscuits, a kiss on the cheek? […]

  • Wednesday 20th March, 2024

    Wednesday 20th March, 2024

    I was negative the other day about various sports. To add some Yang to the Yin, here are the five greatest sports to watch: DARTS […]

  • Sunday 17th March, 2024

    Sunday 17th March, 2024

    Check the jackpots! There’s nearly £600 in jackpots today with the big fat one up at Paradise Palms tonight – a splendid quarter of a […]

  • Sunday 10th March, 2024

    Sunday 10th March, 2024

    Headlines: No Percy tonight but +1 point for bringing your mum to the other quizzes. It’s Mother’s Day and I know what your mum needs. […]

  • Thursday 29th February 2024

    Thursday 29th February 2024

    Ugh. I’ve never been so annoyed by a music round. I’ve  just finished making a music round in which 4 out of the 5 tracks […]

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    Sunday 28th January 2024

    For the second Sunday in a row, I can announce a new regular quiz. Paradise Palms starts tonight at 8pm and Bonni will be hosting […]