Tag: Tuesday

  • Tuesday 5th March, 2024

    Tuesday 5th March, 2024

    I was chatting to a young fella last night before Brass Monkey Drummond Street quiz last night. Nice bloke, comes from Wakefield, plays the trumpet […]

  • Tuesday 28th November 2023

    Tuesday 28th November 2023

    Bonni’s first quiz was last Tuesday night at the Waverley Bar on St.Mary’s Street – all reports say it was a great success and she’s […]

  • Tuesday 7th November 2023

    Tuesday 7th November 2023

    Normally Tuesday is my easy day with one quiz only, but I have an extra gig as I’m standing in for Isla at Porty Tap. […]

  • Tuesday 5th September 2023

    Tuesday 5th September 2023

    I’m back at the Safari tonight after Stewart has been in charge for nine months. Basically what’s happened is that Stewart has a new gig […]

  • Tuesday 29th August 2023

    Tuesday 29th August 2023

    I’m standing in for Isla at Porty Tap tonight as she takes a well-earned break. As you might know, I don’t take breaks cos I’m […]

  • Tuesday 26th July 2022

    Tuesday 26th July 2022

    Hey. How ya doing. For me, Tuesday is a good day. I’ve got the Candy Bar at 7 – a pub I still don’t fully […]

  • Tuesday 12th July

    Tuesday 12th July

    Check out the pot at Porty Tap! One hundred and eighty pounds. That would be enough to get Eric Bristow to turn up. If he […]

  • Tuesday 28th June 2022

    Tuesday 28th June 2022

    The music round at the Safari tonight is all TV themes. I never really know if this kind of round is a good idea or […]

  • Tuesday 10th May 2022

    Tuesday 10th May 2022

    The Queen’s not doing Parliament today. But don’t be fooled by chat about her medical condition. Word is, she’s coming to the Candy tonight to […]

  • Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

    Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

    Tonight’s Quiz: There’s only one place to be tonight: 8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £90. Cheat clue: Ottawan (music round) The jackpot is on the build […]