Thursday 2nd May, 2024

It’s Thursday and the politicians are on the radio talking about politics.

It’s Thursday and the local DIY freaks are running power tools

It’s Thursday and you better not be doing any hate crimes.

Has anyone yet been reported for a hate crime committed at the quiz? There was a team last night at the Brass Shore called ‘Three Mind Blice’. During the scores read-through for the first round I read it incorrectly as ‘Three Blind Mice’

The team instantly responded with loud verbal impression of a blind mouse. Something like

”Squeak! I cannae find my pint. Where’s my pint?”

Is THIS a hate crime against the blind.

Don’t get arrested out there. It’s a dangerous world. Come to the quiz but keep it safe.

Tonight’s line-up

Brass Monkey Grange 7pm (with me)

Free answer: PICTURE round: “BLACK CANARY
Jackpot: £50
Book: Phone 0131 667 2335

The Strathie 7pm (with Eric)

Free answer: PICTURE round: “SCORPIO
Jackpot: £30
Book: 0131 554 8717 or Strathie Facebook.

Fisherrow Tap 7.30pm (with Brigid)

Free answer: MUSIC round: “AMYL & THE SNIFFERS
Jackpot: £30
Book: 0131 259 0399 or Fisherrow Tap Facebook.

The Newsroom 9pm (with me)

Free answer: In the PICTURE round: “VAMPIRE BAT

Jackpot: £50

Book: 0131 557 5830 or Newsroom online booking

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Fisherrow Tap Tonight:

This is Amyl & The Sniffers and some modern Aussie punk. It’s in the music round tonight at FIsherrow Tap



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